2016/17 bookings.

Well, here we are already in May! I've been busy doing a lot of make-up trials and lessons recently.  I've also been busy preparing for a very special shoot, which I will go into more detail about soon.

Wedding season is in full flow and I am just about fully booked up for this year, (weekends), apart from the odd few, but I could probably use those for the rest!   2016 and 2017 are filling up very fast too.

I've been loving writing my columns for The Lincolnshire Journal and The Lincoln Journal, I do love writing -  I think I may have found another avenue to vent my make-up obsession

I have received some more wonderful feedback recently, I also receive lots of thank-you cards - I keep them all and display them in my studio.

As mentioned, I have been busy preparing for a very special shoot.  I was contacted by Stroke UK about doing a body painting for them, I have completed it this week.  This was for #MakeMayPurple so I had to think of a beautiful, purple design to come up with.  I used MAC and Make-up Forever to achieve it.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jo Banks, (an amazing local body painter), and Julia Townend, (who was one of my teachers at The London College of Fashion, and who advised me prior to me doing this body painting...oh, and thanks to Pixiwoo for reminding me to contact Julia in the first place!)   Julia herself is a brilliant body painter and hair/make-up artist, and has her own beautiful line of make-up products - JT Make-up studio, check out her website - www.jtmakeup.co.uk

I got to work with some amazing, local, professionals - Aaron Cheeseman, (Ched 53 photographer) whose work I really admire and love, Siana Hemmings - who is Miss Lincolnshire and has the most amazing body to paint!  Rachel Louise Courtney hairdresser from Cherry Blossom hair boutique.  Also, Healing Manor were extremely kind and supportive, by letting us use their beautiful venue to shoot in.  I started the body painting at 9.30 am and finished it around 4 pm (ish), I was shattered, but it was well worth it, and can't wait to share the final photo with you soon.  I wanted to get involved as my Nanna had strokes.  Here is my design for it...

I have also been busy with make-up lessons and have worked with a lot of people who have had bad experiences with makeup or other people applying it badly for them.  This does tend to frighten people and give make-up a bit of a bad name, but once I have helped them, they are soon reassured.

Thank-you for reading my blog xxx


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