How to treat/camouflage dark circles...

One of the most common concerns for the ladies that I meet are dark circles.  Dark circles are different to an eye bag, and eye bag is a "sag" and no amount of make-up can conceal this, (I will blog about this hopefully on a later date.)  There may be different causes for the dark circles, one could be hereditary even.  All is not lost, as we have my secret weapon of choice...make-up!

Firstly, you do have to make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well and drinking plenty of water.  Next, comes skincare advice...

To fade the dark pigmentation underneath they eye area a great eye cream is RoC Retinol correxion eye cream, it has a vitamin A derivative and increases the collagen too, (but don't apply too much too often.)  There is a prescription formula called Renova, with low retinoid content too.

Choose a correct make-up remover and don't rub too much, this will cause inflammation and capillary damage.  I use Bioderma Crealine H20 or Bobbi Brown cleansing oil.  Never wash your face with hot water either, this can irritate.

For creams - look for brightening ingredients, such as Arbulin, kojic acid, licorice, vitamin c or daisy extract.  (The gold standard is a prescription cream with hydroquinone in, but it maybe quite irritating.)

Make-up wise - for an instant vanishing act a corrector and creamy concealer are the only things that will camouflage this, (I know all too well!)  The correct ones will make you look younger and well rested.  The best ones have more coverage and don't wear off.

Use 2 shades to camouflage - a peachy toned one first, (the corrector) - this neutralises the blue/grey underneath the eye.  Apply in thin layers on the actual darkness itself, not too close to your lashes, as it will crease, apply in light layers and build them up.  I like to use a clean brush for the corrector and concealer, (try a Real Techniques detail brush or LY08 brush by Louise Young.)  Next, apply the concealer which needs to be creamy, again, in light layers over the corrector.  You can pat gently with your finger too, but don't wipe it away, just gently pat.  Corrector wise I either use a Bobbi Brown one or the Laura Mercier one in the Secret Camouflage palette.  For concealer, again, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.

Apply a small amount of yellow-based loose powder, (very minimally, as you don't want it to settle in any fine lines.  To be honest, I don't do this step on myself, as the concealer tends to last well enough.)

If you find it is creasing during the day, rehydrate with an eye cream - I love using Lancôme Absolue Yeux.

Choose the right eyeshadow - a fine, shimmering nude cream eyeshadow works well on most skintones, as a base.  Use an eye curler too.

Use a soft peach eye pencil along the bottom waterline, try Jouer eye clarifier, this disguises any redness and makes you look less tired.

Of course, more make-up techniques need to be followed to compliment this to enhance you.

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