Make-up artist - my new make-up kit must haves!

Well, straight back into work mode from my holiday in Greece and its been full on!

I've been working on an exciting new shoot coming soon, for a very talented Bridal couture designer and I can't wait to be able to tell you all about it and show you the this space!

I have also been updating my kit, (yes, I am addicted.)  Although I use mainly Bobbi Brown for my clients, I also like sampling new products and I was very impressed to try out some Red Cherry false lashes, ordered from the excellent website, I also ordered some Katy Perry lashes, which are a dupe of some beautiful Shu Uemura false lashes.

I have also been trying out some Embryolisse products - and the BB cream Artist secret is just out of this world! - I ordered a new Zuca pro from here too, and it is fantastic, (photos to follow.)  The BB cream is full of great ingredients, and I have been rather run down recently as I have had a bad cold, (so I needed a miracle!) and this was the right product.  It evened out my skin tone, and created almost like a magic veil! (cheesy I know!), but it did actually make me look so much better.  I ordered this from the wonderful Tilt cosmetics - and I cant recommend them enough.)

I have lots of exciting new projects coming up, which I will be able to share with you soon.  3 weddings on this weekend,(from Friday onwards). I forgot to mention, I worked with the fabulous Tommy Turgoose, who is from Grimsby, like me, (he stars in This is England and is such a talented actor, and very funny and down to earth too...the next series is being filmed in Sheffield, so cant wait to see that.)

Heres a few snaps, but will blog again soon and update further! (the thank-you card at the bottom, was from a lovely Bride of mine, who I had the pleasure of working with recently.  I love receiving thank-you cards and helping ladies make their wedding days even more special.) x


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