Make-up lessons...

I work with so many lovely ladies and it really is an honour to be able to help someone look and feel their best, (yes, it sounds cheesy but I mean it!) Its such a confidence boost when not only do you look good, but you FEEL good! the 2 go hand in hand! I know all too well! If I don't wear any make-up, I do feel quite low! make-up is such a powerful tool and when used correctly, it can not only transform your face but your mood too!

Today I worked with Emma, a beautiful lady without make-up granted.  Emma wanted to be shown how to update her make-up, to use the right make-up and how to choose it.  I also took her out of her comfort zone a bit and played with different shades a bit...after all, make-up is there to experiment with!

Its all about making the best of what you have, playing up the good and not focusing on what you don't like - a bit like life in general really!

Here's Emma, looking beautiful before make-up and I believe, even more beautiful after...I think you will agree, she looks fresh, healthy, glowing, natural and more importantly, still like herself...

Please see my section on make-up lessons for information.

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