Mature make-up/Mother of the Bride...

Busy day today, writing for my August column for the Journal magazine.  I have decided to write about mature ladies and make-up.  I do lots of make-up lessons and I love being able to help mature ladies with looking their best.  After being trained by Bobbi Brown I fully understood the method of how to make older ladies look amazing using the right tools and products.

Its all about "making you look like you...but better".  Sounds cheesy I know, but it is so true.  You don't have to apply  a lot of make-up just the right make-up! and you will look amazing.

I love using Bobbi Brown make-up still to this day, on myself and on my clients, since I worked for them over 15 years ago now!  It is just so easy to use and helps you look your best with minimal effort.

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