Meltproof Bridal/wedding day make-up by Tina Brocklebank.

Wedding season is in full swing and this weekend is busy, busy.  I am so lucky, I get to meet such lovely people and work in such beautiful venues too!  This weekend I have had 3 weddings on.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of working at The White Heather.  Crystal has got married abroad and had her reception here, so I went to do her make-up for her.  I had met Crystal about 5 years ago when she was a bridesmaid for one of her, it was her turn!

See the photo below, (photography by James Green.) James is a great photographer and I love working with him, he always produces such great images.  Here I used the fantastic Bobbi Brown Long-wear foundations, as it was so hot! so I had to use long-lasting formulations for both the base and eyes.  I could afford to go quite a bit darker than usual, as Crystal had a great tan!  I could also use much richer shades on the eyes, cheeks and lips, as you can see.  She looked stunning.

I am still loving writing my regular column for the Journal magazine, my next column is all about make-up brushes so keep an eye out for that!

I also have a few other exciting projects up and coming, so I will keep you posted on that too!

Tina x

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