Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Well, it's coming to the end of the year and it's given me time to reflect on this year and how much I have achieved and what I would like to achieve next year.

As you may know, I have reduced my wedding work. This means I can focus on my studio work and makeup lessons, Online makeup lessons, makeup artist training and my makeup brush range.

It's been a busy old year, just nice and steady. I have met some really lovely and interesting people this year, all of which I have been able to help with their skincare and makeup dilemmas. I get great satisfaction and feedback from this, and this keeps me motivated!

My diary is filling up fast for 2024 and I have bookings for 2025 too. I am taking on weddings, but these are by special arrangement only, (I offer a complimentary Zoom consultation prior to booking).

I always test out any products before recommending them to my clients. I have really enjoyed trying out new makeup this year. It can be a bit overwhelming with the makeup market having so much out there, and it's hard not to get sucked into it all. I do like to still keep things simple and always promote this when I meet my clients. I loved visiting London this year and meeting the lovely and talented, Lisa Eldridge.

Tina Brocklebank and Lisa Eldridge.

For my own skincare and makeup I have been trying out some new skincare and makeup, so I thought I would write about it, as I get so many compliments about my skin and makeup, which is really lovely.

I am quite "reserved" shall we say, on social media. I don't really like putting myself out there a lot, just when the mood takes me! I am not really a "showy offy" person, so it can be quite challenging at times, especially in this exhibitionist day and age...

For skincare, again, I like to keep things simple and assess my skins needs on a daily basis and according to the time of the year, so I don't use the same things everyday.

At the moment I am using the following products -

I am making my own skincare oils but I also love the CeraVe Hydrating cleanser, as it was developed by dermatologists and has ceramides and hyaluronic acid in to nourish the skin. My Husband even uses it! It doesn't strip the skin either. If my skin is feeling dry I will use my cleansing oil, (I make these to order) or a balm, something like The Body shop Camomile cleansing butter.

Tina's skincare oils.

I do still get quite open pores and sometimes spots on my chin, (annoyingly), so I will often use a Paulas Choice 8% AHA lotion which is a moisturising exfoliator, (you leave it on, and you can use this twice a day, its very gentle).

I have really got into Beauty Pie. You do have to pay a membership fee of £59 but once you have done this, it entitles you to lots of great, high end skincare/makeup, etc at reasonable prices. I really like their Vitamin C Superdose Brightening serum, so I use that as my next step and then a Beauty Pie Hyaluronic acid. If my skin is dry I will use a bit of oil, (again I make my own) or use another brand such as Squalene from The Inkey list.

Moisturiser wise I am using a Lancome one at the moment and then I layer on an SPF after. I always use a factor 50 all year round. At the moment I am using Ultra Violette Queen screen luminising serum, as I like that dewy finish, it is more flattering than being matte.

Makeup wise my go-to's are -

Bobbi Brown foundation stick, (I only use it on areas that need coverage or evening out).

NARS Light reflecting eye brightener.

Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade in Ash brown used with a very fine (old!) Shu Uemura brush.

Maybelline brow drama eye brow gel in Medium brown

Beauty Pie eye pencils are very good and I usually use one along my top lash line and then finish with their Wrap star mascara, (it does not flake or budge!)

I love a cream blush so at the moment I am using a Jones road stick one in English rose, but I sometimes layer a powder one over the top to set it, (I love Apricot by Bobbi Brown) and then on the top of the cheekbones I use my Beauty Pie Luminizing wand in Champagne.

Lips wise, I love a lip balm especially this time of the year, (Glossier are my favourite ones, they do lots of different flavour ones, the birthday cake one is especially good!) Lipstick wise I use MAKEUP FOREVER rouge artist in Tender nude with NYX lip pencil in Nude beige, I also sometimes use a Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in Iconic nude. Here I have a Victoria Beckham lip gloss on in Bikini.

My brushes have been really selling well and I have had some amazing feedback! I am very proud of them. You can purchase these via my online store on my website. They also include Gift sets with a Hollywood travel mirror in too!

Tina's makeup brushes.

I am looking forward to 2024 and meeting new clients as well as returning.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas. I wish you all a very happy new year too. Thank you for your support and kindness this year.

Love and best wishes,

Tina x

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