Organic glam review -

I was kindly sent some products from Organic Glam.  Created by a highly experienced Pharmacist who specialised in homeopathy and well being.  She then created an organic brand, free from chemicals and now has stores nationwide, with their flagship store being at Kings Road, London.

I tried the following products on one of my best friends, Sharon -

Luminous antioxidant foundation, eyeshadow shimmer, liquid shimmer highlighter, concealer palette and lipstick.

I loved the packaging, it looked expensive with a designer edge to it, in its sleek black and white packaging.  It looked high-end and classy.

I applied the foundation with fingers.  It was quite runny but it looked like there was a lot of pigment in there so good coverage. The colour did look a little orangey, but when applied it did actually blend quite nicely into the skin, without any traces of discolouration.  It gave a lovely luminous glow and the coverage was buildable.  The antioxidants in it help protect the skin from pollution and mineral pigments correct imperfections.  It did however, begin to flake a little after a while, but this could be that the model had slightly dry skin.

The eyeshadow shimmer was a dream to work with, (however, for hygiene reasons, I didn't use the applicator with it - beware, as it does drop eyeshadow particles quite a lot so make sure to take off the excess on the back of your hand first, then apply.)  The colour pay-off was very good and gave a lovely shimmery, sheen to the eye, it also blended very well too, great for a smokey eye look.

I also tried out the concealer palette in medium, however, this was too dark for my models skin, so the light palette would have been better.  I didn't like the consistencies of the concealer, they were far too dry and powdery - ok if you were using a little, but if you were using under they eyes, then it could be a problem.  I wasn't a fan of the concealers - I would love to see them to be more creamy.

The liquid shimmer highlighter was a dream to work with.  It had a tiny little brush with it, and I used this on the inner corner of the eyes, in a sideways "v".  It dries very quickly so you do have to blend quickly, but it did leave a lovely gold highlight.  It could also be used underneath the brow, top of the cupids bow and perhaps a little on the top of the cheekbones.  It could also make a cool eyeshadow for a shoot, as it has lots of colour in it.

Lastly, the lipstick.  I was sent the Deep Fuschia shade, which was a rose pink shade.  After applying a lip balm then blotting off, I then applied a lip pencil all over the lips, then applied the lipstick.  It went on very smoothly and was a very sheer, so great if you don't want a full-on colour. It lasted really well, apparently, but then, most lipsticks do when they are applied correctly.

Overall, a lovely brand, which I would use and recommend to ladies who are mindful about what they are putting on their skins and for ladies with sensitive skin. Check out their website - for further details.


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