I don't know about you, but I am quite bored of seeing the same uniformed ideal seen over on Instagram.  Everyone seems to be a carbon copy of everyone else don't you think? Where brows are blocked and almost "fuzzy felt",  Eyeshadow is "cut crease", Contour has gone crazy with noses being slimmed down and cheekbones exaggerated with brown stripes and lips are blown up with fillers.  Make-up is so heavy, I really do feel it is time for the less is more approach, more than ever!  I think that things have gone this way due to brands wanting to promote their products and so having lots of products applied is a great way for them to increase their sales.  However, saying that, I also feel that no one is happy with the way they look naturally or with minimal make-up.  These heavy looks are very much idolised by the majority and so feeding it even more.  Where will it all end?! I really do worry about the younger generation where they feel that they are not already beautiful and they feel that they need to conform to this kind of look.

As a Make-up artist who is considered "well seasoned" shall we say, I do find that ladies of all ages are affected by this too and most are struggling with their identities because of this trend. I have felt the pressure to conform to do these looks on my clients from social media, however, I have never felt it right to nor would I ever.  I will always stay true to my belief that less is more and to show people that they are unique and beautiful in their own way, they do not need to mask it nor change the way they look dramatically to do that.  If someone say has a "big nose" then that makes that person them and I feel we should not try and change it or slim it down, for example.

The area I specialise in is making people look and feel better by enhancing their individuality and not cloning them. It is the way I was taught, (I have been in the industry for about 28 years in total, and boy have I seen a change!) I will continue to do so, despite it not making me very "popular".  It is so sad that people are now under the illusion of having to look a certain way because of Instagram, etc, at a very young age too.  My work is the opposite of that, (thank goodness!)  It is about keeping things real, (hence my lack of followers compared to the drag queen style people who apply make-up.)  I was very pleased to see the fantastic Alex Box highlight this issue over on her Instagram by posting this...

A poem by Alex Box.

A poem by Alex Box.

I enhanced the beautiful Charlotte by using the following products -

Glossier Skin perfecting tint in Light, Makeup Forever HD powder and then their Pro light fusion Luminizer in Golden Pink, Glossier Cloud paint in Puff, Brows using a Louise Young cosmetics LY30 brush and Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Mahogany then Glossier Boy brow gel in Clear. Freckles were created and enhanced using a Bobbi Brown Brow pencil in Grey, (as it has a brown undertone). Eyes were Urban Decay cosmetics Naked heat palette in Scorched and the Makeup Forever highlighter. Definition along the lash line from Bobbi Brown gel liner in Caviar Ink and Urban Decay cosmetics Cannonball mascara. Lips were Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood lips in Sweetheart with Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond eye gloss in Moonlight used as gloss on the lips

Dewy and natural makeup.

Dewy and natural makeup.

Long live natural make-up!! x


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