Summer make-up.

Phew it's been hot hasn't it! (not that I am complaining of course), we are just not used to it though are we!

A common Summer complaint from my clients are either their make-up vanishes completely or it ends up printing underneath their eyes or creasing in places.  Help is at hand...

I can't stress enough how important skin prep is, it is just as important as applying the right texture for your skin and time of year and how you apply your make-up.

If you have dry skin then try and use products that are hydrating but not too oily, otherwise in the heat, they will just slide off your face.  If you have oily skin then use oil free products, as you already have that oil on your skin you see.

Ok so skin prep - (depending on your skin type of course) - My skin is dry near enough all year round, so I tend to choose products to add moisture and hydrate my skin enough for it to feel comfortable but to not look too shiny or oily.  Always try and make time to skin prep correctly and then your make-up will look better and last longer.

At the moment my skincare routine consists of -

Bobbi Brown cleansing oil, then splashing my face with really cold water, I use the oil to remove my eye make-up too as it is very gentle and prevents scrubbing the delicate eye area or rubbing.  I do a double cleanse in the evening.  In the morning I do a very basic cleanse with Bioderma cleanser.  For evening I use Embryolissse lait creme concentre moisturiser as it is very light and hydrating, and doesn't clog the pores, I also use a Bobbi Brown eye repair balm.  For day wear moisturiser wise I use the Embryolisse but then make sure my foundation or tinted moisturiser has a SPF in.  I also always use my Bobbi Brown eye repair balm, its so rich and doesn't crease, it really works for me.

Twice a week (before bed), I will use Alpha H Liquid Gold, which is a powerful resurfacing treatment, enriched with lots of good stuff including Glycolic acid, which jump starts the exfoliation process...(I've also heard it can help Acne so I need to research this further, as my daughter is suffering from it at the moment.)

Before bed on the other nights I will apply a Sisley fake tan, (its the hydrating skincare one), which was recommended by one of the Make-up artists from Strictly come dancing, Lindsay Bown.  I have tried most of the fake tans and this one you literally don't need much at all, its very natural and doesn't clog your pores and doesn't have that biscuit smell that most fake tans do.

Ok so make-up - I opted for the fake tan as I was getting fed up of my make-up looking too shiny in the summer and I also wanted to wear less makeup on my skin, e.g, foundation and concealer.  The fake tan works a dream as it evens out my skin and its a bit quicker to look human for me every morning! So this would have been applied the night before, so is acting in place of my foundation.  However, saying that, I don't like to not have sun protection on during the day, so I opt for a Pure radiant tinted moisturiser by Nars, which is perfect as it is so light and natural, it has a SPF of 30.

Next, I do have a bit of scarring from blemishes and under eye darkness, so I will use 2 shades of concealer.  I have tried LOADS, so the only ones that work for me and the ones that don't crease are by Amazing cosmetics as they are water resistant.  I will apply the darkest shade on any uneven areas and then the lightest underneath my eye area, blend, and then apply the darkest on the top, blend and then reapply. Lastly I will apply a Touche eclait highlighter just along any dark areas and then blend again, only using a minimal amount.

Brows next - I use Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade in Soft brown with a Louise Young LY31, drawing on little fine hairs to replace my stupidity when I was younger and wanted a Kate Moss Biba look!  I then use a Diego Dalla Palma tinted volumizing brow fixer in Medium to recreate the illusion of brow hairs.

I don't think that powder eyeshadows are good for summer, especially if you don't use an eye base beforehand, so I always opt for cream eyeshadows.  Again, I have tried lots.  I either opt for Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow stick in Sand dune, (on the lid and blend away to brow, slightly under the eye), or NARS cream eyeshadow stick in Hollywoodland.  I then curl my lashes.

Eye definer wise - I use an E06 angled brush by Sigma with a BECCA gel liner in Belle Epoque, this is drawn on along my top lashes with a slight flick at the edges.

I then use a Max Factor 2000 calorie black mascara, only on my top lashes, wait for it to dry and then encourage them to curl up by pushing my fingers up against the underneath of the lashes, whilst they are drying, then reapply the mascara.

I then sometimes use a bronzer - I am loving the Cover FX one at the moment in Sunkissed, (along the forehead, under cheekbones, under my jowls! and along the nose and chin.)  Blush wise - as I have a tan my favourite is Apricot by Bobbi Brown.  I then use a NARS Super orgasm illuminator along the top of the cheekbones.

Lips - I love my Rodial lip pencil in Nude, then my favourite lip colour is Blush Nude by Tom Ford, I will then define my lips slightly with a Bobbi Brown lip pencil in Bobbi.  Sometimes I finish with a bit of lip gloss by Bobbi Brown, either Buff, Bellini or Bare sparkle.

So that's it! seems a lot, but actually, it only takes me about half an hour and i'm good to go, and look presentable for the day.  My make-up doesn't usually need re-touching at all throughout the day and doesn't crease at all.

Thanks for reading!xx


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