Summer make-up.

I have finally got round to telling you what I have been up to since the launch of my new website.  Basically, its been all go with weddings, shoots and make-up lessons.  I have also been busy trying out some new make-up and I am going to be ordering lots of NARS soon as I am now a NARS Pro too, (I am already a Bobbi Brown and MAC Pro.)

With Summer here (ish),I always crave to let my skin breathe after Winter, and to wear less make-up on my skin.  So I have opted for Sisley Self tanning, hydrating facial skincare.  This has worked a treat, (and doesn't smell of biscuits!), it also means I can wear less foundation and it also hydrates my skin, as its always a bit on the dry side.  I like to always take the time to cleanse well every night, (depending on my skin's needs, I like to use either Bioderma solution, No 7 creamy cleanser or Bobbi Brown cleansing oil/balm.)  Once or twice a week I will use Alpha H Liquid gold, this acts to "polish" my skin, (however, I won't use this if I am using a facial tanner, perhaps once a week.)  Moisturiser wise, I love my trusty Bobbi Brown moisturising balm, SPF 25.  (Just to say, I don't believe in spending loads of money on cleansers, as they are not on your face very long! I prefer to spend on moisturisers instead.)

Make-up wise, with me wearing a facial tanner I can use less make-up, (I am usually a deathly shade of pale, with a few blemishes here and there, so I really have to try and even out my skin well cover those pesky spots...not to mention my under eye circles!  Honestly, without make-up I look either ill or exhausted.)

I have been skipping on the foundation, (yippee!), and using Amazing cosmetics concealer, (well 2 - one on my skin and the lighter shade under my eyes.)  I find this is a great concealer, as it doesn't crease and stays on, it also doesn't look shiny.  If I am particularly dark under my eyes I will use a Bobbi Brown corrector first, then apply the lighter shade of concealer on the top.

Brows - I have been trying to go for the fuller brow look, as I was clever enough to tweeze my brows to an inch of their lives when I was at college, (damn you Kate Moss and your Biba look!)  I use a small, slanted brush from Louise Young cosmetics and use an Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade, to create the illusion of hairs, I then go over with a Diego Dalla Palma brow gel, its amazing and has a dinky little brush too.  I am not a fan of the "Insta brow" look, I mean, who has ombre brows?!! I like to keep make-up real and its all gone a bit too drag don't you agree?!

Eyeshadow wise - I have been using cream eyeshadows, and love the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks.  These are really quick and easy to blend, and usually I use just the one shade.  Next I have been using a MAC Pro long wear pencil along my lash line, (tight lining too), and then creating a slight flick at the outer corners.  I curl my lashes with Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers and then apply a Chanel mascara, (usually just to the top lashes, if I am not doing a smoky eye.)  I let each coat dry before adding more.  Lashes are my thing.

Next I apply a Bobbi Brown pot rouge, I love the shade Fresh melon as its really natural and also gives that lovely dewy look, I sometimes set this with a powder blush, (Apricot is nice, again by Bobbi Brown.)  Highlighter next, I love the Bobbi Brown one in Pink glow, Daniel Sandler highlighter or a creamy highlighter from BECCA.

I very rarely use bronzer, but my favourite is either Cover FX or Bobbi Brown, and I'm not a fan of contouring, I prefer to highlight instead.

Lip wise, I always use a lip pencil first, I use a Nude pencil by Rodial, (all over my lips), then I love either Charlotte Tilbury "Bitch perfect" (love the name!), or Tom Ford "Blush Nude."  Sometimes I keep it matte, but if I fancy a bit of a gloss then I use either a MAC dazzle glass gloss or Bobbi Brown in Buff.

Bookings wise - I have bookings every weekend now until October! (I am so rock and roll aren't I.)  So, lots of early nights for me and early starts, but it goes with the job, and it doesn't bother me at all.

I also have been taking bookings up to 2018 now, next year is looking very busy too.  I have taken some very long distance bookings on, its always nice to see different venues.

Please contact me to check availability at your earliest convenience, as I have had to turn away a lot of clients lately, as I am already fully booked.

Thanks for reading.  I am aiming to blog at least once a month, so please bear with me.  Thanks for all of your lovely feedback

(PS, please excuse the selfies, I am not a huge fan, but it does demonstrate what make-up I am using!)


Bobbi Brown haul

Bobbi Brown haul

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