Phantom makeup mask by Tina Brocklebank.

Work update.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Mother's day competition over on Facebook - I read some really inspirational comments - but the winner is Lynda Mennell, who has won a makeup lesson with me to the value of £150.  The winner was chosen at random.

I have been really busy with makeup lessons and bridal makeup trials, however, I had a few days off recently and so as I had a spare morning I thought I would experiment a bit with a different look, (see Phantom makeup mask photo.)  This was inspired by Nikki tutorials, but I did add my own colours and a few other elements.  I love getting creative!

Bookings for weddings are being taken now in 2020 so please get in touch if you want to book me for your wedding, to avoid disappointment!  Make-up lessons are very popular too, so I am really enjoying working from my make-up studio.  Thank you for all of your support, kind comments and for following my work x

Body painting, photo by Ched53.

Body painting by Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist - Stroke UK

I was approached by the charity Stroke UK to do a body painting for them for #MayMayPurple campaign.  I jumped at the chance as I love body painting and had been yearning to do another one, as I hadn't done one for years.   Obviously, the theme was purple, so I know I had to incorporate that into the design.  I didn't just want to paint anything basic, like a t-shirt with the logo on, I wanted to go all out and do something glamorous, especially as Siana Hemmings, (Miss Lincolnshire), had agreed to be our model.

Stroke UK supports survivors to make their best possible recovery, as they come to terms with life after stroke.  There are 1.2 million stroke survivors in the U.K.  (The Stroke helpline - 0303 303 3100,

Aaron Cheeseman, (Ched53), also agreed to be our photographer - I had admired his work and was chuffed that he wanted to help out too for this great cause.  I also contacted Healing Manor and they agreed that we could do the shoot at their beautiful venue, in my favourite room - the bridal suite.  Rachel Courtney from Cherry Blossom hair boutique also agreed to be the hairdresser for this, so we were all organised.

I started body painting at around 9 am that day, first sketching out the design and then colouring with the purple.  I also had to use a black shade to give the purple depth.  I finished with neatening the lines with pencils.  I used MAC chromacakes and Make-up Forever products, bought from Guru Make-up Emporium in London, one of my favourite make-up shops.  I had also bought a purple Face lace mask, as I knew I wouldn't have much time to be able to do Siana's face make-up, and I wanted to concentrate more on the body painting.

The whole body painting took me around 7 hours to complete and I also had bought some lovely purple sequins to compliment the design.  I think you will agree, the image came out beautifully.  I am really proud of this, especially as my Nanna was victim to many strokes, and passed away when I was about 13 years old.

World Cup Body Painting

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist reviews -

After working in this industry for such a long time, you would think I would get a bit complacent about things, but I never do.  I still love to receive thank-you letters and feedback from the lovely people I have the pleasure of meeting and working with.  I have a huge folder full of thank-you letters and they always bring a tear to my eye when I read how much they appreciate what I do for them on their special day.  I also think that you never stop learning.  I am constanty striving to do the best I can for people, buying in the best make-up and moving with the times.

I do have a Facebook page, where people can leave reviews and you are more than welcome to leave a review on there if I have assisted you.  The link is -  There are already countless reviews, which I am very proud of.  I have worked extremely hard over the past 20 odd years, and even more so to gain an excellent reputation as "the best Make-up artist in the Lincolnshire area."  That is something I used to strive for and I am very proud to say that many people now say that of me.  I have worked so hard over the years and I am proud to say that I have achieved all I want to achieve.

I also love doing fashion/photographic make-up too, afterall, I was trained at the London College of Fashion and I do love to diversify and also stretch myself.  I was lucky enough to be taught by the wonderful Julia Townend (London based make-up and body artist),  and also Sheelagh Wells, (Make-up designer and Doctor Who Make-up artist, she was also awarded a BAFTA.)

I also run make-up artist workshops and a lovely lady came all the way from Suffolk to train with me, (she had also trained with Pixiwoo.)

And so...I shall carry on doing what I do best.  I love my many people can say that? it is definitely not a glamorous job by any means, it is hard work too!

I am still writing my regular column for the Journal magazine, which I love.  I never tire of harping on about make-up!  I am constantly looking at make-up tutorials, (I do keep in touch with Samantha Chapman from time to time of Pixiwoo/Real techniques fame.  Sam is also the wonderful Maggie Hunts' niece, who I am lucky enough to be in touch with too, and I respect her work and experience very much too.)   It is always a huge compliment when someone like her acknowledges my work, and she has been known to "like" my work on Facebook!  Although, we all like compliments don't we, and I love it when indeed anyone likes my work!

If there is anything I can help you with make-up wise or if there is something you would like me to write about in my column, please get in touch!  I am still busy with make-up trials and make-up lessons at the moment.  I also have a few shoots lined up at the wonderful Healing Manor (watch this space.)

Anyway, enough ranting for now! thank-you for reading.  Tina xxx




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