Kevyn Aucoin inspired make-up.

James Molloy inspired make-up

I often save images that inspire me and then obsess about them for a while!  I had always wanted to try some Mark Traynor Invisitapes, as these elongate the eye and have been a theatrical beauty secret for yonks! Plus drag queens wear them and I do love a good drag make-up.


Kevyn Aucoin inspired makeup

Make-up by James Molloy.

The tapes you attach either side of your face (and/or neck) and it gives you a facelift! 😳

I used LOADS of makeup and I felt like Lily Savage but it was great!  Now before you go judging me, you know I am one to promote natural beauty and make-up.  This was done purely for fun and for the love of make-up and art!  

Absolutely no re-touching here or Face Tune.  The make-up took me about 3 hours to complete, but I loved doing it! (a nightmare to remove though! it probably took about 3 hours to get rid of it all!)

I love applying the basics of Art here using light, medium and dark to shade or highlight. I also used white on the lips to create a shine effect, (another tip stolen from Hollywood/drag!)

I was chuffed when James Molloy himself commented on my post on Instagram!...


James Molloy comment

I used -
M·A·C Cosmetics Strobe cream, MAKE UP FOR EVER HD foundation Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Full cover concealer and corrector TOM FORD Shade and Illuminate e.l.f. Cosmetics Brow gel Charlotte Tilbury Legendary brows gel, Eyes - MAKE UP FOR EVER Star lit powder in Frozen gold, Urban Decay Cosmetics Nooner, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Grey, Sable, Mahogany, Camel, MAKE UP FOR EVER Black Aqua gel liner, e.l.f. Cosmetics mascara, Red Cherry Lashes M·A·C Cosmetics Iridescent Loose powder in Silver dusk, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Apricot blush, Lips - M·A·C Cosmetics Spice lip pencil, M·A·C Cosmetics Necessary nudes lip palette (in Hug, Fleshpot and Frou.) Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Crystal lipgloss mixed with the MAKE UP FOR EVER Star lit powder

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year x x x

The Journal magazine.

The Journal magazine.

My February make-up article is out now in The Journal magazine, all about foundations.  How to chose the right one, which are the best ones and how to apply them.  The magazine now covers the whole of Lincolnshire!

The Journal magazine.

The Journal magazine.

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist.

My day make-up faves...

My day make-up favourites include -

(Skin prep is - Paula's choice Hydrating cleanser, splash of very cold water and then Paula's choice Anti-ageing moisturiser SPF50. Bobbi Brown Extra repair eye cream. I am also using Paula's choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid, Anti-ageing 1% Retinol booster and/or Resist C15 Super Booster.)

Base - Bobbi Brown retouching wand in Light, warmed up with the Bobbi Brown Bronzing gel in Joe Brown. BECCA Peach corrector under the eyes. Bobbi Brown Instant full cover concealers in Sand and Warm Ivory, (little light layers of each, blended well.)

I don't use face powder as my skin is quite dry.

Brows - I first use 2 Maybelline Brow drama brow gels in Medium brown and then dark brown and then use a My Kit co My tiny angle brush with an Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade in Ash brown.

Eyes - I use Truffle cream eyeshadow stick all over the lid and slightly above the crease, as this acts as a primer and prevents creasing and my mascara smudging.
I then use my Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a palette, Beauty glow. The eyeshadows are so nice. I use with a MAC 217 to blend, along the top lid and underneath slightly. I then use a Black gel liner by Maybelline and use with an angled brush by Maggie Hunt - available here -
Mascara is Max Factor and is Curl addict 2000 calorie, which I love.

I then use a bit of Bobbi Brown bronzing powder, but use it as a blush in the shade Maui. If I use a cream blush I will use Fresh melon pot rouge by Bobbi Brown.

Lips - I love a nude lip, so I fluctuate between a few! Currently I am into my Charlotte Tilbury Liquid matte lipstick in Charlotte darling, (this acts as a great base for any lipstick to be honest, and makes it last longer.) I then use either Tom Ford Nude blush, Charlotte Tilbury in Kim K.W or my current fave is by L'Oreal and its a Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Babe-In. I then finish with a lip pencil by Charlotte Tilbury in Iconic nude.

Irina - natural make-up.

Less is more?

I was inspired to blog today, after working with a lovely lady who travelled from Hull to have a make-up lesson with me.

During her initial telephone enquiry she was very concerned about her make-up, skin and wanted to have a "make-up overhaul". She had been thinking about coming to see me for quite a while. She didn't really wear foundation and just wore a little bit of pencil underneath her eyes.

Irina's concerns included -

Is her 80's make-up outdated now?
What should she be using for skincare and make-up?
How could she make her sparse brows, (from over-tweezing) look better?
What is going on with the Instagram style make-up?
Should she be contouring?
How come girls as young as 14 are going to school wearing false eyelashes?!
Why do girls these days want to look suggestive and older than they are?/why do they wear so much make-up?
Why is everyone getting fillers in their face and botox? even at a young age?
Why doesn't anyone actually look like their photo anymore?/why do they lie and use filters?

It is a very common conversation I seem to have with a lot of my clients, and the only answer I come up with is social media and the pressure to conform and look a certain way, especially for the younger generation.

Most of my clients come to me, as they like the fact that my work is very versatile but also that I specialise in a "natural" looking make-up style. Something which I am very proud of and I guess, that sets me apart and goes in my favour, as I refuse to conform.

To me, real make-up for real women/girls should be there only to enhance what they naturally have, not to mask or to dramatically alter their face, e.g, like contouring can do, or applying too much make-up. (I don't mean to offend.)

Don't get me wrong, I love to experiment with make-up for shoots and creative projects, but I think that real make-up has kind of gone out of fashion it seems. It seems more is more! Make-up companies are cashing in on this!

For day make-up I love classic and natural make-up, for me, it's what I believe in and what I think that most girls and women look better and real wearing. "Make-up that looks like you, but better" - a quote from Bobbi Brown, which I still use today.

I simply don't see the point of dramatically altering someone's face, to make them look like they are wearing a thick mask of make-up with dark brows and dark eyeshadow, with dark lipstick and blush and lots of contour and highlight. That only suggests that that person's face has something wrong with it that needs masking or altering surely? And why do people think they have to do these things?...Social media! (No harm done I know.)

I suppose I am quite lucky in the fact that my 18 year old daughter doesn't wear a lot of make-up, (admittedly, she does wear foundation, but she certainly doesn't like wearing it, as she has acne.) But she has the best skincare routine and uses non-comedogenic make-up. Her aim is to just wear moisturiser and a little bit of make-up, perhaps a touch of concealer for any little blemishes, brow gel, mascara and a little bit of lip balm. That is it. She is not into the whole Instagram style make-up trend. (I suppose I have had a hand in that.) She wants to look like herself still, (thank goodness!)

Now, each to their own and all that but I just wished that the internet didn't exist sometimes, (or at least didn't have all of these images/videos.) You know the ones, the ones where theres a girl there, dripping foundation onto her skin and then bouncing a make-up sponge, then tapping her finger on her cheekbone, pouting, looking so pensive!....It's all a bit overwhelming I feel. I think it certainly feeds any insecurities and therefore unfortunately makes people compare themselves to unreal images and make-up trends that just do not do anything for a face...apart from drag queens of course. I do love a drag queen make-up...on drag queens!

And so, Irina sat in my make-up chair and I taught her each step, from using the right skin prep to the last step of applying a pop of lipstick. I only use a tiny amount of each product, and she looked like herself, and felt so great! Its all about using the right textures, products and techniques to enhance. She left still looking like herself, but she looked a better version of herself? I hope you agree.

Make-up can be such a confidence boost, its a very powerful tool, if used correctly. I just think that there is too much brainwashing going on. I am hoping it will all calm down soon and things will get stripped right back...wouldn't that be great?! Imagine...women/girls feeling like they don't need to post selfies all of the time wearing a lot of make-up, feeling insecure about their looks, waiting for those all "important" likes!! Surely being themselves and looking like themselves is better for their confidence than masking their beauty with a tonne of make-up?

Thanks for reading x

Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. E-mail -

Halloween/feather false lashes

Halloween/spider lashes.

I was inspired to create this look as I had some Eldora feather false eyelashes which I had bought a few years back, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to use them!

I used Make-up Forever HD foundation and highlighter. I then used a Rodial contouring powder. Brows were blocked out using Urban Decay Subversion white mascara and concealer by Bobbi Brown using a MAC fan brush. I then used an Urban Decay Naked heat palette. Lips were overdrawn in by using a Make-up Forever Aqua paint in Black. I used 2 sets of feather false lashes, brown and black.

Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W

My current 5 faves...

OK, I admit it, I am a make-up and skincare junkie. I love trying out new brands and products and I often get sent new products to try...someone has to do it!

Amongst my current favourites are -

1. Paula's choice - Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant - Removes built up dead skin cells and fights blemishes. BHA is salicylic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties. I saw the difference in my skin only the next morning. It looked more polished and glowing. Buy from -

2. Embryolisse Radiant eye - Clever little cooling effect stick which boosts radiance and brightens the eye area, making them appear more illuminated, use before make-up or when eyes need a bit of a boost if they feel tired - buy from

3. My Kit co - No 17, My tiny angle brush - £13. Brilliant little brush which I use with my Anastasia Beverley hills dipbrow pomade, to fill in my brows. Made of synthetic fibre. Available from -

4. Make-up Forever Ultra HD foundation, Invisible cover, £29.90 - Great range of shades for all skin tones and types. Flawless and long lasting, not too heavy coverage - medium coverage. Light diffusing and moisturising. Great for day wear if used with a damp Beauty blender sponge or for photographs, apply with fingers/sponge or brush. Available from -

5. Charlotte Tilbury Hot lips lipstick in Kim K.W - £24 - My current favourite lipstick which I wear most days, as I prefer nude lipsticks. This one is lovely and creamy and seems to last well, especially if I apply the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood lips, Liquid lip before, (I use Charlotte darling with Iconic nude lip pencil as the liner.) Available from

Halloween make-up by Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist.

Halloween/spider make-up/ramblings...

I love getting creative with make-up, it takes me back to when I was in my teens at school, loving Art. I used to sit for hours drawing faces, (especially eyes for some reason!) listening to music.

In my twenties I discovered Body painting whilst I was studying Beauty Therapy, (I was doing a City and Guilds course at North Lindsey college.) I always knew I wanted to get into Make-up artistry, but there wasn't anything happening where I lived in Grimsby, in that line of work. I had done various dead end jobs and felt frustrated.

I completed my first body painting when I was about 20, and I was hooked and knew I had to go further afield to chase my passion and dream of becoming a Make-up artist.

When I completed my course there, I was 22 years old, (I'm 47 now but don't tell anyone.) I applied to The London college of Fashion, and I was over the moon when I was asked to go to an interview. I turned up, very nervous but confident I could do it. (Wearing the latest fashion helped! Black flared trousers and high, platform heels! Goodness knows how I managed to not fall over.)

I was so happy when I received the letter to say I had been successful in gaining a place on the H.N.D, 2 year fashion styling course for Hair and make-up. I started the course when I was 23 years old. I loved it. I had gained accommodation in Hampstead, (funded by my lovely parents! My Dad was working in Bahrain.) Lots of famous people lived there, I even saw George Michael one day!)

Make-up artistry then, was SO very different to what it is now of course. It was a relatively unheard of career to be in, and I was told, that to expect not much help upon graduating, as most seasoned Make-up artists were not going to assist in furthering any of our careers, as they had spent decades trying to climb the ladder themselves.

Our tutors were very experienced, respected Make-up artists who had worked on numerous high profile jobs and celebrities. I was in awe. Especially when I met Sheelagh Wells, (she was the Dr Who Make-up artist, amongst many other things.) I wanted to get into being a Fashion make-up artist or be a Make-up designer for T.V.

I loved being in London. It was of course, very different to the small town I lived in. I loved the vibe, hustle and bustle and diversity that it provided. It helped so much with the creative process. I was very lucky that my parents supported me through the whole of my time in London, so I owe them everything.

Whilst studying I got to work on lots of different fashion shows at London Fashion week, St Martins Graduate fashion week and we even put on our own London college of Fashion body painting show, where we were given a brief and had to design our own body painting and then apply it to our model to be shown on the catwalk one evening. The body painting took nearly all day! but once on the catwalk, it was so exciting and a very proud moment to see mine, and all of my college friend's works of art. It was a very special time for me. Polly Osmond was in my group, (check her out.)

Upon graduating, when I was 25 I moved to Nottingham to be nearer home, (after being majorly let down by my dream job in Manchester. I had applied to be a Make-up artist for Granada T.V. I had got to the 2nd stage but was just pipped at the post...I was devastasted to say the least.)

I didn't want to move back home as there wasn't any opportunities for me. I gained representation with numerous Model agencies, (who represent Make-up artists), and find work for you nationally, on lots of different commercial and editorial projects. I absolutely loved it. I worked with lots of professional photographers and models and brands such as Loaded magazine, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Vision express, etc. I also worked in Theatre and T.V and even at The Royal Opera house. It was hard work and entailed lots of travelling and waiting for pay, (3-4 months after the job usually!) But I loved it, and it was all worth it, as you gained the valuable prints most of the time, from the photographers, so you could build your portfolio up.

I also was trained in London by the new brand, Bobbi Brown and went to work for them in their first store in Nottingham. I totally understood and fell in love with the whole ethos of Bobbi Brown and loved working for the brand and using the products, which I still use today. I still adore the Make-up artist Bobbi Brown too. "Less is more." However, I am very sad that she isn't part of the brand anymore.

Without going into too much detail, I fell ill and had to move back home. When I was 30 years old I had my beautiful daughter, Alisha, (who is now 17 years old.) I sorely missed doing my make-up, but I loved being a Mum and as soon as Alisha was able to pick up a brush or pencil, we sat for hours sketching, cutting and generally making a mess most days. One day I even let her paint her own face and the whole of her body with paint, she loved it!

Alisha is an incredible artist, (I am not just saying that, but she is.) Some days I could be found visiting Alisha's nursery painting the faces of the whole of the class! I was in my element! Unpaid, but I just loved anything to do with make-up and art and I needed my art fix somehow!

When Alisha was about 3 years old, I began dabbling into offering make-up for brides for weddings. I still had all of my make-up kit and there were no other Make-up artists in the area or even advertising in The Yellow pages! (I am showing my age now!!) The internet was in its early stages, and it was a lifeline for me, as it meant I could then order professional make-up for my kit. It provided a whole new window in to the world for me.

I also dabbled with teaching and passed a teaching course. I taught make-up for a year or two, but I got fed up with it as it was too basic.

Very slowly and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I began building up my business from nothing. Brides loved it and I also began offering Make-up lessons. Women loved that too! I saw a niche and just went for it, slowly developing my reputation.

That was 15 years ago now, and I am so proud of myself that I have built up my business from nothing and have earned an excellent reputation not only locally, but nationally too. My career started 27 years ago...where does the time go?!

I wasn't from a wealthy background as such, and it has been very difficult for me in that respect. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I always say, that I was too stubborn and passionate to give up on my dream, merely because of just where I live and wasn't going to let anything hold me back. I have proven that it isn't where you are from, it is where you are at and as long as you have the passion, determination and drive to do something, it will come. Some days I didn't believe it would.

Most of my weekends now are taken up with wedding work and during the week, I offer make-up lessons and of course, my make-up trials for weddings and shoots. It is tough, juggling everything but I love my work and helping people. Its such a lovely feeling to look into a lady's eyes after doing her make-up and she is so happy or has happy tears in her eyes, as I have helped her not only look amazing, but feel it too. Then of course I get a lovely big hug too! What is there not to love?! I have clients all over the U.K and I get to visit lots of beautiful venues.

Yes, I don't have the creative opportunities that I initially wanted and craved when I was younger, things and people change with time, but I am working for myself, with lovely people and doing what I love, earning a living in beautiful Lincolnshire, using the best products in the area and travelling all over the U.K, working on the happiest days of people's lives, I consider myself very lucky! Most of my student friends are not even working as Make-up artists now, its a very tough industry to be in, but I am pleased that I started when I did. I would hate to be starting out now.

To satisfy that creative yearning, I often fulfil that by applying weird and wonderful make-up on myself or models. The most recent one was for Halloween. I love this time of year and I was inspired so I went for it!It takes 3-4 hours to get it just right, I am a perfectionist. I love the feedback that everyone gives me after posting my work, even if it is for wedding work or the more theatrical type of make-up. I put my all into every job I do, with the same passion and precision.

Watch this space for more competitions and make-up looks! Thank you for reading my blog and for all of your lovely comments and support, it really means a lot to me. x

Gold tears

Gold tears...

I love working on weddings and make-up lessons, but my first love is fashion/editorial make-up. I was trained at The London College of Fashion and graduated with a H.N.D in 1995. I loved my time there and met some amazing people.

Here I used some RCMA Liquid tears mixed with Mehron gold metallic powder. I also used my new Urban Decay Naked heat eyeshadow palette and on the lips, a liquid lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury in Charlotte darling.

I can't wait for Halloween, and I have lots of ideas...I can't wait to get messy! watch this space x

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist.

Holiday make-up.

Summer is here at last! I have just arrived back from a lovely holiday in Ibiza.  When I go on holiday I like to wear minimal make-up, especially if I am in a hot climate.  As long as I have my SPF 50 on I am quite happy during the day.

Here are my essentials which I took with me -

P20 spray, (which is an SPF 30.)  I also took an SPF 50 dry mist spray from Amber solaire.  For evening I love using my Bobbi Brown moisturising balm SPF 25, (on my face.)  Lip balm by Burts Bees.

Brows - Maybelline brow drama and Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade used with a My Kit co Pro Tiny angle brush, (my brows are shocking without these products!)

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a palette - Beauty glow.  (However, I use a long wear cream eyeshadow first by Bobbi Brown in Sand dollar.)

Maybelline gel liner in Black and Max Factor 2000 calorie, curl addict mascara in Black.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing gel - Joe Brown.

Daniel Sandler Radiant sheen palette as a highlight.

Lip colours - Tom Ford Nude blush/Charlotte Tilbury Bitch perfect or Valentine.

Make-up fixer - Ben Nye final seal.



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