Skincare and new studio.

Hi guys, hope you are all doing ok after the mayhem of Christmas.  Happy new year to you all!

I posted recently about a new lipstick I had bought, (as it was my birthday this week and I needed a bit of colour in my life! its been a bit grey recently hasn't it!)

The lipstick colour was The Queen from Charlotte Tilbury with her Kiss n tell lip pencil.

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist.

I then had a few requests to ask me what skincare I used, so I thought I would do a quick post about it.  I am not great at updating my blog I must admit!

Firstly let’s just state the obvious with good skin - getting enough sleep, good food, lots of water, exercise and trying to cut down on stress all help!

I’m also a big believer in HRT and I think replacing hormones that are declining with age, help to keep everything looking good and working properly for as long as possible! You may have seen in the press recently about all of this, but this isn’t a new thing! It’s just taken so many years for it to be finally taken serious and for women to gain access to their hormones and right advice! We have still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

I had an early, surgical menopause at 38 and wasn’t pleasant and I’ve only just, in the past 3 years, researched HRT and started to get myself back on track. Knowledge is power, so don’t be fobbed off!

I am also a big fan of skincare guru, Caroline Hirons and I have her Skincare book guide.  I quote her regularly when I am doing my makeup lessons, such as."Skin is the foundation"!

Caroline Hirons Skincare book.

I am 53. She says for ages 40+ we benefit from the following -

A good eye make-up remover or first cleanser, you may prefer thicker cream cleansers at this point.

Acids.  Glycolic, lactic and PHA acids are all great for older skins.

A hyaluronic-based facial mist to replace lost moisture.

Eye products. Go for gels if you have crepey eyes, or light creams. Richer eye creams are not favourable on an older face.

Vitamin A/Retinoid. An absolute must. Your skins cell turnover is extremely slow at this age. Vitamin A is your best friend. Jump in!

Facial oil. A facial oil is essential - it will literally replace the glow on an older face.

Good anti-oxidant serums. Whilst these are still important, you may prefer to spend your money "correcting" issues at this age, and that brings us to...

A good quality pigmentation serum/product.

A good quality hyaluronic product.

A moisturiser suited to your skin type.  You may want to spend a little more on a moisturiser at this age. There is some merit to a separate night cream for an older skin, but it is more of a "nice to have" product than a must.

She continues..."Your skincare kit can be as comprehensive or as simple as you want.  I was asked recently what I would take away with me if I could only pick three products. I went with a great balm cleanser, a good retinoid and an SPF 50. Your needs change with age".

So, with all of this in mind I did some more research and came up with my skincare routine -

1.  Simple Eye makeup remover - I have very sensitive eyes so this one suits me.

2.  Cerave Hydrating cleanser - I remove this with a soft flannel and warm water. Balm wise I love the Bobbi Brown one or The Body shop Camomile butter one.

3.  The Inkey list PHA toner - I use this twice a day after cleansing, (if I am using a Retinol I don't use it as regularly).

4. PIXI Hydrating Milky mist.

5. Facial oil, (if my skin is dry) - The Inkey list Squalene oil or Rosehip oil.

6.  The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% HA.

7.  Embryolisse Lait creme concentre moisturiser.

8. La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50.

For evening -

Eye makeup remover - Simple

Cleanser - CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

Vitamin A product - I had some sent over to me from Spain, as they can get it over the counter there. I have all 3 strengths, and have just finished my first tube. I did have a bit of peeling, (expected), from using it, so I just use it every 3 nights and sometimes buffer the product with an oil.

Oil - The Inkey list Squalene or I have a lovely Bobbi Brown one which I love too, but I also think that Almond oil is just as good.


Make-up wise, I like to look as luminous as I can, (lord knows I need it these days!!) so I layer with my base too - I mix my own base to make my own "tinted moisturiser". I use my Bobbi Brown Intensive serum foundation mixed with a little bit of MAC strobe cream. This gives my skin a lovely glow.

I have been having a little bit of botox between my eyebrows, as I had a deep furrow and didn't want to look cross all of the time, so this has helped, (it was a big step for me and I do like the effect it gives and I know Caroline Hiron's approves of Botox, so that's good enough for me!) I think the problem comes when people have too much.

Brows - I use an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Ash brown applied with one of my angled brow brushes. I then use a bit of a tinted eye brow gel, (Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted brow gel in Espresso and fill in any little gaps with their pen in Medium brown. My brows are crap without makeup on!)

On a day to day basis, I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I will just apply a bit of mascara, (I like Max Factor Curl addict in Black).

Blush - Max Factor Miracle pure cream blush in Vintage peony.

Highlight - I apply on the top of my cheekbones either my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Pink quartz or my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter in No3 Fair.

Lips - I really like a nude colour usually and I am forever on the hunt for the perfect one!  I usually mix my own. Usually a mixture of Lisa Eldridge Velvet muse with a MAC satin lipstick in Myth finished with a Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in Iconic nude.

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist.

I usually use Glossier lip balms.


My Makeup studio has been redecorated and I am now able to offer joint and group makeup lessons, as well as Makeup artist training.

I have been really busy with Online makeup lessons and these are proving very popular. One lady who had a lesson with me was a past client whose makeup I did for her wedding some 10 years ago and she has since moved to Yorkshire, so it was so nice to see her again. I also met clients in London and even Wales!
Here’s a lovely review…

Online makeup lesson review.

Here are some photos of my new studio...

Tinas new studio.

Tina’s Makeup studio, (Lesson and training area).

Pro brush range and wrap, £150.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers.

Tina's Re-touch kit.


I am really looking forward to this new direction in my career, now I have cut down on wedding work. Bridal makeup is by special arrangement only and I will only be taking 2-3 on a year.

Anyway, bye for now and thanks for reading.

Tina x












Me with Alisha on her prom makeup trial.

My daughter, Acne and Roaccutane.

If you follow me on social media you may remember I had posted about Alisha suffering with acne - she’s really been through it the past few years! We have literally tried everything! Because she’s been through so much, we thought it would be a good idea to share her acne journey to help other people and share her experience, as others who had been through it had helped her too, (special thanks to Lucy McGuire.  Also Nadine Baggott who has been there right from the beginning and her skincare advice has been invaluable.)
She is just coming to the end of her course of Roaccutane, (it is usually a 5 month course and she has a month left.)

Firstly  heres a little bit of info about the drug -

Roaccutane is also known was Isotretinoin and its a medication used to treat severe acne.  It is one of the very few medically proven treatments for acne and the results can be incredible! However, the side effects can also be terrible and worth noting.  Over the counter treatments are more often than not, mild and useless.  Roaccutane is like a full on acid peel!  It is extreme, intense and certainly not for everyone.

It is actually derived from a natural source, (Vitamin A), and part of the same family as Retinol.  It can only be prescribed by a Specialist and only prescribed when everything else has been unsuccessful.

It is an anti-inflammatory drug that reduces/shuts down the sebaceous glands, (the bits that make oil on your skin).  The combined effect of this and reduced inflammation all help prevent acne.  It has an 80% success rate when given for 4-5 months.

Your skin needs to have the following present for it to be prescribed - Pimples, painful lumps, cysts and scarring.

The side effects make include - very low mood and depression or even psychiatric disorders.  It can also aggressively dry out your skin resulting in cracked lips, very dry/scaly skin, itching and fragile skin.  It can also make you very sensitive to the sun and so more likely to burn, so wearing an SPF everyday is a must, (and a good habit to adopt now and throughout your life.)

Because of the side effects and strength of the drug, you will need regular visits to the Specialist, so taking the drug requires serious commitment!  Plus, you will also need to take the contraceptive pill, (even if you are not sexually active), as it can cause serious harm to a developing foetus, so it's a legal requirement, (a bit of a double edged sword really!)

I compiled some questions for her (below) and we both hope it helps someone.
Alisha’s agreed for me to post photos of her when she had acne and the blog is very in-depth. She’s been through so much, she’s a tough cookie 💪 I am so very proud of her and how she has coped with everything. She is my biggest inspiration, (with and without acne!)
We hope you find it all interesting and helpful...

At what age did you start suffering with acne? - About aged 12-13

What treatments did you try? - I tried many treatments, if not all! I must have tried every skincare range specifically targeted to help acne but never had any luck.  I also tried antibiotics from the Dr and various creams, which only proved to dry out my skin and cause my skin to get used to it, then the spots eventually returned, often worse.  The antibiotics never worked, spots always seemed to stay, or be too aggressive to get rid of.

For your Prom when you were 16, what was your skin like then? - My skin was very red and blotchy.  I used to pick and squeeze my skin wherever there were any blocked pores/blackheads/whiteheads - anything that made my skin bumpy; I used to squeeze in an attempt to get rid of it.  I was obsessed with having smooth skin.  I hated the feeling of washing my face, or putting makeup on, only to actually feel the many spots/bumps which just made me sad.  Although, double edged sword : squeezing spots created scabs and dry patches, sometimes weepy which made them difficult to cover with makeup.  However, somehow I believed this was better than seeing spots "attempted" to be covered by thick makeup.  I was more conscious of it when I was younger, as I was more insecure about it, (I am now 19.)

Alisha's prom makeup trial.

Did you wear makeup for school? - I used to yes, , but only concealer on my spots and some mascara to sort of balance out my face.  Because I was so conscious of it, I became a perfectionist with my makeup, making sure it didn't look obvious that I was wearing any, because I envied girls that didn't have to wear any.

What age did you start wearing makeup for everyday? - I probably started wearing makeup everyday by the age of 14, but I didn't enjoy the process. I remember being really into vloggers like Zoella and idolising her 'effortless' look, when in reality it took me about half an hour just to do a bloody 'messy bun'!

What style of makeup do you prefer? - I don't think I have a particular style of makeup.  It's just however I feel.  Some days I'll wear barely anything or nothing on my face if I can be bothered, but other days I'll go full face with eyeshadow and lipstick.  Saying that though, I don't like heavy makeup.  I do think it is empowering to be able to change my face to correspond with how I am feeling now, not worrying about how I am presenting myself so to conform with feminine expectations!

What age did you try Roaccutane? - I went on it earlier this year at the age of 19 because I was so desperate for it to go.  I felt like this was the final thing I could do to help my skin, to prevent it from getting worse and scarring it further. I was fed up, depressed and severely lacking confidence.  In terms of affecting my mental health, I found myself crying whenever I would see my skin without makeup or constantly putting myself down if anyone gave me compliments.  I even used to apologise to my parents when I was in the house with my skin in its natural state.  I had been on different contraceptive pills in the past, but they only seemed to make my moods worse - crying when I came home from college or seeing friends, even though I'd been happy in the day.  Having acne made me a really nervous person, very anxious in social situations. Yet, when I started college I found it refreshing to not really know anyone so I used this to my advantage, in an attempt to incorporate my acne into my appearance as a whole, and gain confidence so i could deal with my self-loathing at home, not let it hold be back elsewhere.  However, I found this the most difficult part, and I still suffer with anxiety today.  Yet listening to music, reading, going out more, getting a weekend job, etc, gave me little steps in forcing myself out of a comfort zone which I had built up for so long.  Anything to get my mind off my appearance and build myself up from the inside, because I realised the acne was a superficial factor which could improve as time went on.  Nothing lasts forever.

Would you recommend people to go on Roaccutane? - If you are considering it (or on it already), be prepared for the worst outbreaks at first, even worse than you have previously experienced!  It will get better though, 2-3 months into the treatment and all of my chest and back cleared up and my face skin began to settle.  Even though I was quite lucky with side effects, I would say keeping moisturised is the most important thing to tackle the dry skin.  EVERYWHERE (and I mean everywhere) gets dry, especially your lips -rosehip oil, Bioderma, Sudocrem and a mixture of Vaseline, Glossier and Aquaphor lip balms have been absolute essentials!  I do suffer occasionally with low mood but I think most people do, so I don't worry about that and I always know I can talk to my parents or good friends.  I know never to bottle anything up, ever.  Going on it is a big decision, but for me, it was the right one.

What advice would you give to anyone suffering with acne regarding skincare and makeup? - Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and don't care what anyone else thinks! People will give you lots of advise but you have got to follow what you think is right yourself.  Acne makes you feel worthless.  It is good to take some advice, (obviously I have my Mum!) Take it onboard and interpret it to make you feel as confident as you can, as acne can make you feel rock bottom.  When your skin gets bad, don't feel guilty about going out in public without any makeup on, although I wouldn't say it particularly helps heal your skin, so don't believe that myth!  If you feel you need makeup on to make yourself feel better, do it! but if you've lathered it in moisturiser I would say to leave off the makeup as it won't last.

Always make sure your makeup is non-comedogenic and oil-free.  Apply as much as you feel comfortable with, its about your comfort zone and how it makes you feel.  Don't worry or care what others think.

What products helped you when you had acne? - As I have said, I have tried nearly every brand, but I really liked Paula's choice products, they do a great "Clear" range and I used to use their cleanser, 2% BHA liquid exfoliant and Clear oil free moisturiser with an SPF 30.  I also loved (and still use) NARS Radiant creamy concealer, Bobbi Brown Weightless foundation/Foundation stick as these are non-comedogenic, (doesn't block pores).  I used to set this with a light dusting of loose translucent powder, I remember using a Daniel Sandler one which was very good but I use whatever I can get just to set my makeup, as long as it looks natural.  I just use a big, fluffy powder brush to apply.  I really rate using a damp Beauty Blender sponge too for foundation and to blend in concealer, (keep it clean though!) Moisturiser wise, (when on Roaccutane), I like Bioderma SPF 30 (a matte one) but now its clearing I like Heliocare SPF 50.

How has social media affected the way you think about your skin and what are your thoughts on it? - I found myself unfollowing a lot of accounts on Instagram, not particularly because I was jealous of the way they looked, but because I found myself forming comparison.  I urge you to unfollow anybody you find yourself comparing your skin or body to.  When you are struggling already with self confidence, seeing images that make you feel worthless will not help at all.  At the same time, make sure you talk to people in your support network if you find yourself feeling this way.  My friends and family have been so important to me during these years, and taught me that anything you feel is totally normal and will always pass.  Talking is the best medicine, I cannot stress this enough.

Alisha with acne.


I posted up one day on Instagram, a video me showing my acne with a contrasting image of me with makeup on.  The post reads, "I am not usually someone to vent about personal things on here but aye here we are - My skin has been the BANE of my life for the last few years.  Above are unedited examples of me with and without makeup.  I have always used makeup to hide my acne, believing that covering it up would make me feel better about myself, and doing so still helps my confidence so much, but I feel like flawless skin is constantly expected and for women to have an idealised 'perfect' appearance 24/7 is still ridiculously promoted and advertised.  It is a constant expectation and we shouldn't have to feel pressured to cover up who we are, and that is why I wanted to show my face natural because it's boring and tiring spending hours sorting your face just so you feel like people won't judge you or feel comfortable.  Now I wear makeup for myself, not others.  I never feel like there is enough visibility for people with acne and maybe this is pathetic to some, but it can seriously affect mental wellbeing aswell as physical health, so if we can be kinder and consider what others are going through, we can solve bigger problems.  If there is one person (I can guarantee I am not the only one here), that can relate or feel better about themselves because there is someone else dealing with feeling like this, then this was worth it.  Struggling particularly with this over the past few days, so thought I'd share as wish I had seen something like this to take as a sign n get out of my pit of self loathing sooner lol, so hope this helped someone."

Alisha with makeup on, the day of the IG post.

Alisha with makeup on, the day of the IG post.


Do you think having acne has affected you or changed you as a person? Has it had a negative/positive impact on you? - Initially obviously it had a negative impact on me as I lost my confidence and was very nervous.  I was terrified about what others thought, I developed a bit of a complex.  I then realised that that pressure came from unrealistic expectations and when I stopped caring it got easier! I even went to college makeup free to test myself.  It felt good as I wasn't worrying about whether my makeup had come off.  It really helped me as I literally "faced" up to it - head on.  It made me stronger going through it and you teach yourself that you can cope.  It has become a positive experience in the long run and I would not change anything that has happened and you appreciate everything so much more like people who support you and how not to take your skin for granted, also realising that when you have nice skin, not to put loads of foundation on.  Makeup is there to make you look like you have good skin, not mask it.  When you have clear skin you don't need to wear much makeup, if at all.

What advice would you give to yourself, looking back, going through acne? - Looking back, I don't regret anything! It was all part of the process.  Always keep in mind it will go, even when you feel low.  It is not forever, that is very important.  It is a temporary thing.

What do you think causes acne? - I think it is caused by hormones and thus the oil production caused by this, a bit of both.  I tried lots of different ways of eating.  I drank lots of water, (still do), I eat healthily and even tried dairy-free, but the acne remained!

What do you think people's perception of acne is, when they see someone with acne? - I don't know if people actually think that it is as gross as you believe yourself.  A lot of people are quite accepting, as lots of people go through it and with social media there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way.  Remember if any accounts make you feel insecure, UNFOLLOW as they are unrealistic!



From a Mum's point of view -

Alisha suffered from acne from such a young age, it was awful to watch her go through it.  As a Mum, I felt helpless, (even though I had all of the knowledge, tools, makeup, kind words, support and hugs going) there was still nothing I could do, which (any Mum will tell you), is heartbreaking, to watch your daughter/son go through something you have no control over.  I just wanted her to be happy.  The teenage years are hard enough without thinking you are worthless, all because of having bad skin.

I spent hundreds of pounds on skincare and even paid private to see a specialist in Hull, nothing worked. We would all do it for our kids wouldn't we.  I suppose, being a Makeup artist I could help her chose the right products and over the years, she had gained knowledge of what makeup to use and how to apply it correctly, (she has very porcelain skin but getting the right shade was easy - I had always used Bobbi Brown and so it matched her skin tone exactly plus it toned down the redness from the acne.)  Obviously as acne is bumpy and sore, there was nothing I could do about that, but I always knew that makeup is a very powerful tool, and what a time to discover it, but then Alisha also discovered her strength came from herself, and not the makeup.  When her acne was at its worst, she thought, "Bugger it!" and she left the house make-up free and was liberated.  It actually gave her more confidence I think actually having the acne, as she showed to herself how little she cared of what others thought about her, and I was so, so proud of that and her, she is an amazing young lady, (yes I know I would say that, but really she is!!) She does love makeup,  but she uses it for herself and not for others.  I also love the fact that her aim is to not wear foundation since having the acne, she just yearned for wearing moisturiser with maybe a bit of concealer.  She is currently loving her skin, even if there are a few little scars, (Rosehip oil is helping from The Inkey list.)

It was tough also putting her on the pill when she first had acne, as she had only just started her periods and I felt like it was robbing her of her childhood in a way! However, the pills did not work.  It was such a long journey from 13-19! It had started quite bad from a young age, but we wasn't offered Roaccutane until recently.  I guess she had to try every avenue first.  It was such a difficult time.

Being on Roaccutane - the first week I guess was the worst, as Alisha had a bit of a melt-down and said she didn't want to continue on the medication.  I had to talk her through everything and support her.  She came to the conclusion that she wanted to go though with it.  I guess with being on the pill wasn't helping her either.

I stocked up on lots of good moisturiser, lip balms and nasal sprays and had researched everything, so knew we were in for a bumpy ride, but ultimately, it was Alisha actually going through it, plus she was just finishing her course at college with her final exhibition! so not good timing at all! - anyway, she nailed it and...finished the course with distinction!

She has about a month to go now on Roaccutane, and her moods have been up and down, I do keep a very sharp eye on her, but she always knows she can talk to me about anything, or if she needs her space, I respect that totally, (I just wished in that space she would learn to hang her clothes up haha...)

Alisha makeup free and then minimal makeup by me.

There is a chance the acne could come back apparently, so if it does, she could have another round of medication.  Hopefully, it won't come to that though.  For the last month the dosage is increased, so I am hoping everything will be ok.

I am pleased that Alisha is beginning to enjoy her skin and have fun with makeup...(although I wish she would stop nicking my makeup now...including my £30 Surratt brow gel!!!)

Blue liner and red lip, minimal base.

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and supportive on social media and if you know someone who is going through this, then feel free to share this information, we hope it helps them.

Thank you for reading

Alisha and Tina x x

(Fast forward to now - here is a photo of Alisha)...

Alisha now, she is just finishing Uni in London and wears very minimal makeup and doesn't suffer with acne anymore.








Bride and Tonic.

Bride and tonic Make-up artist and competition news.

I am honoured to be London based, Best British blog - Bride and Tonic's regular Make-up artist contributor.  Here is my first blog post, I hope you like it -http://www.brideandtonic.com/2019/02/23/secrets-of-the-suppliers-what-to-ask-your-makeup-artist/

There's lots of tips about what you need to know about hiring a Pro Make-up artist - it could save you a lot of time, heartache and money!

Also, to tip you off about a Mother's day competition I will be running shortly.  As you are subscribed to my emails you get to know about this first.  If you would like to nominate someone to win a Make-up lesson with me, (whether it be for your friend, Mum, Grandmother or neighbour even), please email me on tina@tinabrocklebank.co.uk with details of why you would like to do so and why you think they should win.  (Please note, this will not be done on Mother's day, but at a mutually convenient time.  Once announced the lesson needs to be done within 3 months of winning.  This is non-transferrable to any other service, i.e, wedding make-up.)  Deadline for entries is the 31st of March.

Just to also let you know, bookings are now being taken for 2020, (limited availability) and also for 2021 so it is never too early to book!


Make-up by Tina Brocklebank

Make-up by Tina Brocklebank



Good luck!x



Bridal makeup - Lindsey

Wedding/bridal make-up

I had the pleasure of being the lovely Lindsey's Make-up artist today, for her wedding today at The Brackenborough hotel, Louth.  Lindsey had booked me well in advance, about 2 years prior to her wedding day as she was set on me being her Make-up artist, so I was very flattered!

Lindsey loves make-up and so I wasn't afraid to go to work, and really accentuate her lovely features.

She has lovely skin and I like to really let the skin glow through the make-up, I don't like to see heavy make-up, especially on a Bride.

A smokey eye was achieved by using the Charlotte Tilbury Rock chick palette and then amazing sparkle by using the Stila magnificent metals eyeshadow in Smoky storm over the top.  False lashes were used of course!

For cheeks I used a Bobbi Brown pot rouge and then on the top of the cheekbones I used the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of gold highlighter, to create that lovely sheen.

Lips - I used Charlotte Tilbury Pink venus lip pencil and then Hollywood lips in Platinum blonde, finished with gloss in Blondie pink.

I think you will agree, she looks absolutely beautiful and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

I also had the pleasure of doing her Mum's and her sister's make-up, (not shown.)

Before and after makeup. Bridal makeup by Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist, Lincolnshire.

Before and after makeup.
Bridal makeup by Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist, Lincolnshire.


Beautiful before and after make-up.

Problem skin and my secret weapons of choice...

Problem skin and secret weapons...

I have the pleasure of being able to meet and help so many people of all ages, each with varying skin dilemmas and concerns.

One of the most upsetting is acnified/blemished skin. I know first hand how this can affect one’s confidence. I suffered mildly as a teenager and now my 16 year old daughter is suffering with it too.

Being a Make-up artist helps greatly, as I can advise exactly what products can help with concealing and evening out the skin. However, often certain products can make the skin look worse and enhance the appearance. I must have spent hundreds of pounds on skincare and treatments over the years, not to mention time spent researching this condition.

In the end I opted to pay for a private consultation with a skincare specialist. A Professor no less. At least for now, we may be getting somewhere, we are a month into the treatment...

The condition is largely hormonal, however, you can help a bit by using the correct skincare and make-up. Diet is a myth, so we were told, (my daughter had great pleasure in hearing this!) We were also told not to use a moisturiser as blemishes/acne feeds from it...so that idea was quashed! if her skin did get dry, she was given a special facial wash to use and also a cream to use twice a week.

Make-up wise, I suggest determining first what your skin colour is and purchasing the correct formula and shade for your skin and type. Do not be pressured into buying anything until you have researched if it is non-comedogenic, (doesn’t block pores), and also obtain a sample first to ensure it is the correct texture and shade for you. Test it out before you buy it. If they don’t offer samples, do not buy anything!

Finding the correct products can be a real minefield. The products need to provide great coverage, longevity and not aggravate the skin.

Skin will need to be evened out with foundation then any redness or blemishes concealed with concealer. These two products are key and greatly helped my daughter through the worse flare- ups. Obviously if you have very bumpy or flaky skin, then applying make-up to this can make it appear worse, so you do have to bear that in mind.

Our two products of choice were the Bobbi Brown Long-wear foundation and also NARS creamy concealer. Both are non-comedogenic. The Long-wear foundation is great for my daughters skin as it is very oily and is a perfect match, as she is the palest shade in their range, she has very fair skin. The concealer also is amazing at concealing and staying put. Both products I highly recommend.

Other great products are -
Foundation - Lancome Teint Visionnaire, Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions liquid make-up and Cover FX pressed mineral foundation.
Concealer wise - this should provide extra coverage and is best applied over foundation - Cover FX cream concealer, Murad blemish treatment concealer and Bare Minerals SPF 20 correcting concealer.

If you feel you need to set your make-up I advise a light dusting of powder applied with a nice big powder brush. My daughter uses MAC Prime focus Prep and prime transparent finishing powder, but I also like Bobbi Brown loose powders. Go gently with powder if you have particularly dry skin.  Apply with a big fluffy brush - I love the Real Techniques brush or Maggie Hunt one.


Alisha, Prom make-up.

Prom make-up...

Its not often I post photos of my daughter, but I just had to recently! It was her Prom day recently and I was just so proud of her, I wanted to show her off to the world!

It is a well-known fact, that at this age, teenagers can suffer with bad skin and a few spots here and there.  Alisha has completely mastered the art of concealing her little blemishes.  She has a great skincare routine, but despite all of this, she still gets spots.  She also takes good care of what she eats and she drinks plenty of water.

At the moment she is trying out various creams from the Drs, but I know it is just her hormones, and the blemishes will go.  However, in the meantime, we have a secret weapon...make-up!

Alisha has very pale skin, in fact even paler than porcelain, her shade is the Alabaster from the Bobbi Brown range. She also has very oily skin, typical of her age.  She really has to look after her skin. She has been using Dermalogica, but to be honest, it still hasn't sorted it out.

Moisturiser wise - depending on her skin, she uses an oil-free one from Dermalogica or if her skin is dry, she uses Embryolisse Lait creme concentre.

For her prom, Alisha wanted her make-up very natural.  Thank goodness she is not a heavy make-up kinda girl, (I've taught her well.)  We went for a natural foundation, (of course!), she is not into the spray tan thing either, I always try and persuade girls to go for their own skin colour and embrace it, rather than go against it.

I used the Bobbi Brown foundation stick, which is a wonderful product, you can use it where needed or all over, (if needed.)  You can use it with fingers, brush or a sponge. It is also very economical too and portable.  It is an essential in my kit, thats for sure.

I used this with a damp Beauty Blender, taking real care over any little blemishes, (I had primed and moisturised with Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base.)  I then corrected under her eyes a little and then pin point concealed with a bit of concealer, if needed, in the same shade.  I then used a Vichy loose translucent powder to set her make-up and to stop shine, using a Maggie Hunt powder brush.

Alisha has great, feathery, natural brows, (I am jealous.)  I filled them in with a very light eyeshadow and used Maybelline Brow drama to set and define the hairs.

Eyes - I used Bone cream eyeshadow all over the eye area and then Slate in the crease, outer corner of the lid and slightly under the eye.  I defined with a Black ink gel liner from Bobbi Brown, (avoiding the inner corner, as Alisha hates the bit that sometimes prints underneath the eye.)  I lightly powdered to avoid any smudges too, under the eye.

I applied some natural false eyelashes - Ardell 110 are perfect for this, and then used a Rodial black mascara, which is lovely and carbon black.

I used a creamy pot rouge blush on her cheeks, only a tad, and then highlighted with a MAC iridescent loose powder in Silver dusk, which is gorgeous.  I also used a little on the lid and below the brow.

Lip wise - Alisha only really likes natural, nude shades.  So I applied a lip pencil by Bobbi Brown in Bare all over the lips and then finished with a lip colour by Bobbi Brown in Uber beige.

I was so proud of her on her prom, (as I always am.)  But to see her all dressed up in her amazing dress, (incidentally expertly made my lovely, hugely talented friend, Joanna Leigh Couture in Brigg), and her hair done to perfection, make-up classic and natural, nails painted natural - she looked so elegant and classic.  Very proud indeed.

It was a perfect day and she had an amazing prom.  (Thanks to VW weddings for the camper van hire too and The Wedding and Flower boutique for the gorgeous roses.)

Alisha - Prom dress by Joanna Leigh couture.

Alisha - Prom dress by Joanna Leigh couture. Shoes - Kurt Geiger.  Clutch - Next.  Jewellery - Daniella Draper.


Tina (smoky eye day look.)

I often get asked how long it takes me to do my make-up, (it depends on what time I have and what I need that day!)

Skin prep is very important to me, so making sure I use the right moisturiser for my skin, (depending on the time of year and my skins needs.)  As I am getting older, my skin is more dry and I feel like I need a bit of a glow! so I always opt for something to give me that, I love my Bobbi Brown Moisturising balm, I then use a Hydrating eye cream.

I mix the balm with a Bobbi Brown CC cream, (as I feel the tinted balm is too heavy for me and the CC cream on its own isn't moisturising enough.)  I then conceal any blemishes, (how is it I still get them at my age!?!) and uneven areas with a Bobbi Brown foundation stick.

I have under eye darkness, so I correct this with 2 shades of concealer, (the darkest first), by Amazing cosmetics, (believe me, I have tried most things and this product really works and does not budge/crease.)  I then use a tiny amount of YSL touch eclait, if I am particularly dark.

Brows next, mine are a bit sparse, so I have to fill them in with an eyeshadow, I use Saddle by Bobbi Brown, (really lightly, as I am not a fan of the whole Instabrow thing, or Instamakeup thing for that matter!) I then define a little with a Pur Minerals brow pencil and set and enhance any brow hairs using Diego Dalla Palma brow gel.

I love using cream eyeshadows as they stay put and don't crease, again, Bobbi Brown are my fave.  For this look I used Vanilla cream eyeshadow stick.  I then used Taupe on the lid and below the eye.  I then used my Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate eye palette, to create a smokey eye.  I added a bit more definition with a gel liner, (this one is from BECCA.)  I then used my Chanel mascara, top and bottom.

Cheeks next - I love my Bobbi Brown pot rouge at the moment in Fresh melon, very natural.  Then a sweep of my Daniel Sandler Radiant sheen on my cheekbones.

Lips to finish - I used Rodial lip pencil in Nude and then finished with my Charlotte Tilbury lip colour in Bitch perfect.

Beautiful bride, Rebecca.

Pretty, natural bridal make-up...

I love this photograph of the beautiful Rebecca.  When Rebecca came to see me we discussed all options regarding her Bridal make-up look.  Rebecca doesn't wear much make-up as is a Dr (and a Mother now!)  Rebecca is blessed with lovely skin so I didn't have to use too much foundation or concealer, but I did use a small amount of each where needed.  I always prefer to use less than more, and I love to be able to still see the skin through the make-up.  I then enhanced her natural beauty by defining her features and also highlighting them too.  I think you will agree, she looks radiant and beautiful, without looking overly made-up.

Photo - Merika Green.

Wedding make-up artist of the year 2016 for East Midlands.

For those of you following me on Facebook, etc, you will know I entered The Wedding Industry awards and won the Wedding make-up artist of the year award for the East Midlands region.  This week I took a trip to London where the nationals were held, at the Cafe de Paris in Leicester square - it was a great experience.  I did not manage to win but receiving the feedback and amazing comments from all of my lovely clients made me realise, I am already a winner.

Right outside our hotel we were also lucky enough to see there was the premiere going on for The Revenant.  We saw Tom Hardy and Leonardo Dicaprio - very exciting!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote for me and for all of your lovely messages of support - it means the world to me.  Upwards and onwards!!xxx


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