Skincare and new studio.

Hi guys, hope you are all doing ok after the mayhem of Christmas.  Happy new year to you all!

I posted recently about a new lipstick I had bought, (as it was my birthday this week and I needed a bit of colour in my life! its been a bit grey recently hasn't it!)

The lipstick colour was The Queen from Charlotte Tilbury with her Kiss n tell lip pencil.

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist.

I then had a few requests to ask me what skincare I used, so I thought I would do a quick post about it.  I am not great at updating my blog I must admit!

Firstly let’s just state the obvious with good skin - getting enough sleep, good food, lots of water, exercise and trying to cut down on stress all help!

I’m also a big believer in HRT and I think replacing hormones that are declining with age, help to keep everything looking good and working properly for as long as possible! You may have seen in the press recently about all of this, but this isn’t a new thing! It’s just taken so many years for it to be finally taken serious and for women to gain access to their hormones and right advice! We have still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

I had an early, surgical menopause at 38 and wasn’t pleasant and I’ve only just, in the past 3 years, researched HRT and started to get myself back on track. Knowledge is power, so don’t be fobbed off!

I am also a big fan of skincare guru, Caroline Hirons and I have her Skincare book guide.  I quote her regularly when I am doing my makeup lessons, such as."Skin is the foundation"!

Caroline Hirons Skincare book.

I am 53. She says for ages 40+ we benefit from the following -

A good eye make-up remover or first cleanser, you may prefer thicker cream cleansers at this point.

Acids.  Glycolic, lactic and PHA acids are all great for older skins.

A hyaluronic-based facial mist to replace lost moisture.

Eye products. Go for gels if you have crepey eyes, or light creams. Richer eye creams are not favourable on an older face.

Vitamin A/Retinoid. An absolute must. Your skins cell turnover is extremely slow at this age. Vitamin A is your best friend. Jump in!

Facial oil. A facial oil is essential - it will literally replace the glow on an older face.

Good anti-oxidant serums. Whilst these are still important, you may prefer to spend your money "correcting" issues at this age, and that brings us to...

A good quality pigmentation serum/product.

A good quality hyaluronic product.

A moisturiser suited to your skin type.  You may want to spend a little more on a moisturiser at this age. There is some merit to a separate night cream for an older skin, but it is more of a "nice to have" product than a must.

She continues..."Your skincare kit can be as comprehensive or as simple as you want.  I was asked recently what I would take away with me if I could only pick three products. I went with a great balm cleanser, a good retinoid and an SPF 50. Your needs change with age".

So, with all of this in mind I did some more research and came up with my skincare routine -

1.  Simple Eye makeup remover - I have very sensitive eyes so this one suits me.

2.  Cerave Hydrating cleanser - I remove this with a soft flannel and warm water. Balm wise I love the Bobbi Brown one or The Body shop Camomile butter one.

3.  The Inkey list PHA toner - I use this twice a day after cleansing, (if I am using a Retinol I don't use it as regularly).

4. PIXI Hydrating Milky mist.

5. Facial oil, (if my skin is dry) - The Inkey list Squalene oil or Rosehip oil.

6.  The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% HA.

7.  Embryolisse Lait creme concentre moisturiser.

8. La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50.

For evening -

Eye makeup remover - Simple

Cleanser - CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

Vitamin A product - I had some sent over to me from Spain, as they can get it over the counter there. I have all 3 strengths, and have just finished my first tube. I did have a bit of peeling, (expected), from using it, so I just use it every 3 nights and sometimes buffer the product with an oil.

Oil - The Inkey list Squalene or I have a lovely Bobbi Brown one which I love too, but I also think that Almond oil is just as good.


Make-up wise, I like to look as luminous as I can, (lord knows I need it these days!!) so I layer with my base too - I mix my own base to make my own "tinted moisturiser". I use my Bobbi Brown Intensive serum foundation mixed with a little bit of MAC strobe cream. This gives my skin a lovely glow.

I have been having a little bit of botox between my eyebrows, as I had a deep furrow and didn't want to look cross all of the time, so this has helped, (it was a big step for me and I do like the effect it gives and I know Caroline Hiron's approves of Botox, so that's good enough for me!) I think the problem comes when people have too much.

Brows - I use an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Ash brown applied with one of my angled brow brushes. I then use a bit of a tinted eye brow gel, (Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted brow gel in Espresso and fill in any little gaps with their pen in Medium brown. My brows are crap without makeup on!)

On a day to day basis, I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I will just apply a bit of mascara, (I like Max Factor Curl addict in Black).

Blush - Max Factor Miracle pure cream blush in Vintage peony.

Highlight - I apply on the top of my cheekbones either my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Pink quartz or my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter in No3 Fair.

Lips - I really like a nude colour usually and I am forever on the hunt for the perfect one!  I usually mix my own. Usually a mixture of Lisa Eldridge Velvet muse with a MAC satin lipstick in Myth finished with a Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in Iconic nude.

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist.

I usually use Glossier lip balms.


My Makeup studio has been redecorated and I am now able to offer joint and group makeup lessons, as well as Makeup artist training.

I have been really busy with Online makeup lessons and these are proving very popular. One lady who had a lesson with me was a past client whose makeup I did for her wedding some 10 years ago and she has since moved to Yorkshire, so it was so nice to see her again. I also met clients in London and even Wales!
Here’s a lovely review…

Online makeup lesson review.

Here are some photos of my new studio...

Tinas new studio.

Tina’s Makeup studio, (Lesson and training area).

Pro brush range and wrap, £150.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers.

Tina's Re-touch kit.


I am really looking forward to this new direction in my career, now I have cut down on wedding work. Bridal makeup is by special arrangement only and I will only be taking 2-3 on a year.

Anyway, bye for now and thanks for reading.

Tina x












Re-touch kit

My new Re-touch kit!

As a subscriber to my emails, I am excited to share with you my new Re-touch kit! This consists of a Make-up bag, 3 of my luxury brushes, (Powder, eyeshadow and lip) and compact mirror with velvet pouch, (includes a magnifying mirror on one side too).  You can then purchase a pressed powder, lipstick and lip pencil of your choice either online or Tina will obtain them for you.

The perfect accessory to compliment having your makeup done to retouch any shiny areas, eye makeup and lips.

The kit is priced at £75, (without makeup items).  Please contact Tina to pre-order.


Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist brushes and bag.

My new Make-up brushes and bag launch!

I am so excited and proud to launch my new Make-up brushes and bag range! This is to celebrate my 30 years in the industry.

All brushes are vegan, cruelty free and hand made in the U.K.

I have carefully selected which brushes to include in the range so you can make your application as easy and simple as makeup really is! The brushes are so soft and beautiful to work with and they are an investment. No more buying brushes that keep shedding hairs or wasting money time and time again!

The brushes include the following -

Foundation, Powder, Blush, Highlight, Brow/mascara, Flat eyeshadow, Crease eyeshadow, Tapered eyeshadow, Angled liner, Concealer and Lip brush.

These will ensure easy application of your makeup.

Brushes with the bag are £112.00 (Postage and packaging £10).

If you’d like to purchase a set, please email Tina - tina@tinabrocklebank.co.uk

Payment is either via PayPal or BACS.

To see the brushes - these are available exclusively via a Makeup lesson with Tina.

For 2020 Tina will be offering Makeup artist training. Please email for further information or to register interest.






Tina's new make-up studio.

My new make-up studio is now open!

I am proud to announce my new luxury make-up studio is now officially open!

Based in Brigsley , (a little village on the outskirts of Grimsby and close to the beautiful Lincolnshire wolds), my make-up studio is fully equipped for all of your make-up requirements and my extensive Pro make-up kit includes the most exclusive make-up products in the area, such as Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Make-up Forever, Urban Decay, Glossier and Tom Ford.

I offer not only Bridal/wedding make-up but also the very popular make-up lessons, (please see separate page for information.)

My 28 years experience as a Make-up artist means you will receive the best possible attention and you will not only look amazing, but feel amazing too!

Please refer to Tina's Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/TinaBrocklebankMUA for reviews and lots of information.

I look forward to being of assistance to you should you get in touch!

Tina's Pro make-up kit.

Tina's Pro make-up kit.

How to choose the best Make-up artist for your wedding.

How to book the best Make-up artist.

Being a Pro Make-up artist with over 27 years of experience, including working on London Fashion week, magazines, T.V and theatre, (14 of these working exclusively with Brides/weddings and private make-up lessons), I regularly hear horror stories of how people have bad experiences having their make-up applied, this often gives seasoned Make-up artists bad press and a hard time gaining trust with potential clients.  I also often hear of how people are uncertain about the kind of things they should be looking for when booking a Make-up artist.

Sometimes people go for the cheaper option when booking a Make-up artist and in turn, they mostly end up paying more money in the long-run as they soon find out they are not going to deliver what they expect on their make-up trial.  Thus, they then have to pay out for a higher end Make-up artist so have ended up wasting time and money, often the higher end Make-up artist is not available, so more stress!

The right Make-up artist will be spending several hours with you and the rest of your wedding party, therefore, its essential you actually like being around them and have a good rapport.  Trust and confidence is key here.  Its so important to be able to talk to them and be yourself.  A good Make-up artist should have this skill naturally. Giving moral support and being a calming influence is very important as nerves are always present, especially on a wedding morning.

Not only should a good Make-up artist apply beautiful make-up but she needs to be professional, work hygienically, be a great time keeper, be calm and like working under pressure, this in turn will help you on what will be one of the most important days of your life, so you need to choose very wisely.

Here are a few tips to help you choose and avoid making expensive mistakes when choosing a Make-up artist -

Look at the Make-up artists social media/website/blog and read their reviews - this is a very important indication of the artists' level of professionalism and dedication to her career.  First impressions count.

Make sure you get at least 3 good reviews for the Make-up artist you have in mind.

What experience have they got? How many weddings/Brides have they worked on?

Do you like their make-up style?

Do they have a contract? - A Pro will have a contract in place, (mine is devised by my solicitor and updated every year.)  Be wary of any artist who does not provide a contract or does not require a deposit.

Make sure they provide you with receipts of any money paid and keep all correspondence.

Are they quick with correspondence? A good artist will not keep you waiting for days to answer your e-mail/phone call.

Does the artist have a back up plan in place on their contract? if for any reason she cannot honour your booking on the wedding day?

Does the artist appear calm and professional? (even if this is via e-mail/telephone.)

If you meet them for the trial - does their kit/brushes look well stocked and hygienically clean and sanitised?  Are they hygienic in how they work? (I lose count of the amount of times I see "artists" using the same wand out of mascara! and using that on lots of different people....ewwwww!  Do they clean their hands before touching your face? Ask them how they clean and sanitise their brushes/kit and how often.  Are they presentable in their appearance?  Do they work in a clean and tidy workspace on the trial, (if they work from a studio.)

Study the artists portfolio - this will give you an indication of their style and versatility.  Can she follow your brief and the rest of your wedding parties?

Where did they study make-up? and for how long? how long have they been a Make-up artist?

What are their rates? This is indicative of their experience and service. Make-up artistry is a luxury service, and the price should be a reflection of that too.

How long does it take them to apply each persons make-up? (On the wedding day it takes me about half an hour per person, with the Brides about an hour. Trials about an hour each.  I can apply make-up for up to 10 ladies make-ups in one package.)

Do they have knowledge/experience in Beauty therapy? as this will ensure they have the relevant knowledge about any skin conditions that may arise, so they can be dealt with in the correct manner.  Do they have knowledge about sensitive skin or acne for example? or how to camouflage a black eye? (I have had to do this on numerous occasions!..a long story!)

What brand/s do they use? Choose an artist who can cater for every skin tone and requirement.  Also ensure they have a wide range of skincare for each skin type.

How long does the make-up they apply last? - Pro products and the way they are applied last longer than your usual shop bought make-up.  Be prepared to re-touch at least the t-zone and lips, if anything.  (I supply a personalised face chart and product list on my make-up trials so touch up items can be purchased prior to the wedding day.  I often get feedback from my Brides that the make-up lasted well into the evening...and some the next day as they didn't want to remove it!)

Do they have their own studio? do they travel out to you on the wedding day? are they insured?  Do not book an artist who isn't.  Ask to see their Public, products and treatment liability certificate as proof.

Do they sell the products? If so, most artists are more passionate about the art of make-up than selling actual products.

Do they apply false lashes for you? (from my experience full strip false lashes look better and are less harmful than individual false eyelashes.)

These are just a few things to take into consideration.  Don't be afraid of asking questions.

(Note - the image used was from a recent enquiry.)











Tina's makeup kit - Primers, etc.

Tina's selection of primers, etc.

Good make-up starts with the right base being used beforehand, e.g, there is no point putting makeup on bare skin if you have dry skin and are using an oil free foundation.  You need to be aware of what skin type you are, or how your skin is looking, feeling and behaving, the time of the year, the occasion you want the make-up for, then you can make the decision about how to treat it, what to use skincare wise and then use the correct foundation and other products to suit.

When packing up my kit for a wedding or a shoot, I have to have a selection of products in my kit that cater for all types of skin.  Ranging from sensitive, to dry to oily, or a combination.  I need products I can trust and I know I can use quickly and are reliable, and also work well with what make-up I am going to use on the top to compliment that model's/client's look.  I also need it to ensure longevity - as often, I am applying make-up for a special occasion or a shoot, so it needs to look its best, for as long as possible.

My absolute favourite has to be my trusty Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base - with this product I know it will perform, but if need be, I can also use other products, (e.g, if someone has particularly oily skin, I can use my Ben Nye final seal spray sprayed onto a Beauty Blender with the right foundation and then spray again when I have finished the make-up.  I can use the face base if someone has normal/dry skin and I can also use this product if the client has normal/oily skin.  It is a primer and moisturiser all-in-one so no need for two products, (plus it smells divine.) It is a good all-rounder and preps the skin ready for foundation/concealer, etc and ensures the skin doesn't look shiny, it also ensures longevity of the products, so I always stock up on this - I get through pots of pots!

If someone has very dry/mature skin - then I will opt for another Bobbi Brown product, (depending on the time of the year again and occasion.)  If it is winter and cold and the clients skin is very dry or mature, then I love to use the Moisturising balm SPF 25.  You only need a small amount - warm the product between your fingers and press onto the skin.  Voila - skin looks hydrated and has a lovely dewy, natural glow.  Other suitable products are then applied to compliment this.  This also is available in a tint form - I often use this on myself, particularly in the autumn/winter, it gives me a little bit of colour and is very moisturising.  However, if used all the time, it can block your pores, so ensure you exfoliate thoroughly and cleanse too.

BECCA resurfacing primer - This is a lovely product and one I know I can rely on if someone has fine lines and large pores.  It also ensures longevity of the products.  It has glycerin to hydrate and also absorbs oil to prevent any shine, so perfect for a matte look.  It is very light to use and does not clog pores, great for all skin types but particularly oily - so great if a hot day.

MAC oil control lotion - I often use this on teenagers, (my daughter loved this product.)  It is very lightweight but hydrating but delivers enough reliability to keep you shine free, if desired.  It is also non acnegenic, so I tend to use this on a younger skin, or someone who is prone to blemishes or who has very oily skin.

Max Factor Facefinity all day primer - I am not a fan of using a separate product e.g, a primer and then a moisturiser - a good base should consist of both things - to prime and to moisturise.  However, this is a good product to use under foundation to mattify and to hold the make-up on longer.  It contains micro correctors to keep any shine at bay.  It also contains an SPF 20.  I often use this if someone has normal/slightly oily skin.

This Works In transit skin defence - Great for sensitive skin, I often use this in the summer months.  It also has the benefit of having UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection.  It contains hyaluronic acid and calming vitamin E.  It is hydrating so good also for a drier skin.

Embryolisse lait creme concentre - A cult product - I know the Pixiwoo sisters often rave about this product.  It is enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins.  It is a 3-in-1 lotion.  It nourishes any dry areas and is very light and quickly absorbed.  I like using this on dry/sensitive skins, but it is a good all-rounder too.  It has a velvety finish and "grips" the foundation to ensure longevity.  It can also be used as a cleanser, to remove make-up or even as a face mask!

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream - an essential in my kit to ensure the delicate under eye area keeps hydrated and is prepped before foundation and concealer.  Only a small amount is needed.

MAC strobe cream - A great product.  Very moisturising.  I particularly like to use this product if someone has dull skin as it gives it a boost and it luminises it with iridescent particles.  Great to give the skin a bit of radiance. I often mix this product with a foundation too, or even just to pat on the skin on the high points to give a highlight.  It is also non acnegenic.

Cover FX moisturiser - a great product if someone has redness as it reduces this and is hydrating, so great on people suffering with rosacea or high colour, also great for sensitive skins.

Urban decay pore perfector - I love to mix this with another moisturiser to ensure any fine lines or open pores are lessened.  It ensures a matte finish and is non-greasy, great for dry or oily skins.

I love using make-up fixer sprays - I have used in the past MAC prep and prime fix+ and also Make-up Forever mist and fix, but I love using Ben Nye final seal, I think it is far superior.  You can use this to make your make-up water resistant, (drag queens swear by this product so you know you are on to a winner!)  It locks in the make-up when sprayed on at the end, or you can use it to set your foundation sprayed on, or used with a Beauty blender.  By far the best make-up fixer.  Not the best smelling one admittedly, (it smells a bit of mouthwash), but it does work.  It can also sting a little too, (make sure your eyes are closed when spraying and don't get it into your eyes.)  Great for ladies who are perhaps going through the menopause and for use in the summer months.  I also like the Kiko make-up fixer, but tend to always revert back to my trusty Ben Nye.

Thank you for reading x



Burghley house, Stamford.

Burghley house wedding, Stamford.

I love travelling around the U.K, working on various weddings and yesterday I had the honour of visiting beautiful Stamford.  I had no idea what a great place it is to visit!

Burghley house, Stamford.

Burghley house, Stamford.

It was the gorgeous Rachael's wedding and she was getting married at the very majestic, Burghley house.  It is huge!  I had to do her wedding make-ups at The George in Stamford, which is a gorgeous old hotel, with lots of character, great food and amazing staff,

I took over the room slightly with my make-up kit, (as usual!), lighting was not too bad to work in and all went perfect on the wedding morning and we had such a giggle.

The George hotel, Stamford.

The George hotel, Stamford.

I had the Bride, Mum and 3 gorgeous Bridesmaids to make-up.  Rachael rocked a smokey, sparkly eye with nude, pink glossy lips and the Bridesmaids went for sparkly eyes and pinky glossy lips, apart from one of the Bridesmaids, who went for a slightly stronger look.

Rachael, make-up by Tina Brocklebank.

Rachael, make-up by Tina Brocklebank.

Rachael looked amazing in her fitted, lacey wedding gown. The Bridesmaids were in champagne floor length gowns.  The flowers were so beautiful, and as the Groom was Swiss, they incorporated Edelweiss into their flower scheme.

Beautiful Bride, Rachael.

Beautiful Bride, Rachael.

Rachael's make-up was kept natural but with definition on her eyes.  I used golds and bronzes, with a gorgeous gold sparkly eyeshadow from Make-up Forever.  Skin was dewy on the cheekbones and a flush of pink on the cheeks, lips were nude pink with shimmer lip gloss.

A wonderful, happy morning and I wish Rachael and her Husband lots of love, luck and happiness!

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist.

Summer make-up.

I have finally got round to telling you what I have been up to since the launch of my new website.  Basically, its been all go with weddings, shoots and make-up lessons.  I have also been busy trying out some new make-up and I am going to be ordering lots of NARS soon as I am now a NARS Pro too, (I am already a Bobbi Brown and MAC Pro.)

With Summer here (ish),I always crave to let my skin breathe after Winter, and to wear less make-up on my skin.  So I have opted for Sisley Self tanning, hydrating facial skincare.  This has worked a treat, (and doesn't smell of biscuits!), it also means I can wear less foundation and it also hydrates my skin, as its always a bit on the dry side.  I like to always take the time to cleanse well every night, (depending on my skin's needs, I like to use either Bioderma solution, No 7 creamy cleanser or Bobbi Brown cleansing oil/balm.)  Once or twice a week I will use Alpha H Liquid gold, this acts to "polish" my skin, (however, I won't use this if I am using a facial tanner, perhaps once a week.)  Moisturiser wise, I love my trusty Bobbi Brown moisturising balm, SPF 25.  (Just to say, I don't believe in spending loads of money on cleansers, as they are not on your face very long! I prefer to spend on moisturisers instead.)

Make-up wise, with me wearing a facial tanner I can use less make-up, (I am usually a deathly shade of pale, with a few blemishes here and there, so I really have to try and even out my skin well cover those pesky spots...not to mention my under eye circles!  Honestly, without make-up I look either ill or exhausted.)

I have been skipping on the foundation, (yippee!), and using Amazing cosmetics concealer, (well 2 - one on my skin and the lighter shade under my eyes.)  I find this is a great concealer, as it doesn't crease and stays on, it also doesn't look shiny.  If I am particularly dark under my eyes I will use a Bobbi Brown corrector first, then apply the lighter shade of concealer on the top.

Brows - I have been trying to go for the fuller brow look, as I was clever enough to tweeze my brows to an inch of their lives when I was at college, (damn you Kate Moss and your Biba look!)  I use a small, slanted brush from Louise Young cosmetics and use an Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade, to create the illusion of hairs, I then go over with a Diego Dalla Palma brow gel, its amazing and has a dinky little brush too.  I am not a fan of the "Insta brow" look, I mean, who has ombre brows?!! I like to keep make-up real and its all gone a bit too drag don't you agree?!

Eyeshadow wise - I have been using cream eyeshadows, and love the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks.  These are really quick and easy to blend, and usually I use just the one shade.  Next I have been using a MAC Pro long wear pencil along my lash line, (tight lining too), and then creating a slight flick at the outer corners.  I curl my lashes with Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers and then apply a Chanel mascara, (usually just to the top lashes, if I am not doing a smoky eye.)  I let each coat dry before adding more.  Lashes are my thing.

Next I apply a Bobbi Brown pot rouge, I love the shade Fresh melon as its really natural and also gives that lovely dewy look, I sometimes set this with a powder blush, (Apricot is nice, again by Bobbi Brown.)  Highlighter next, I love the Bobbi Brown one in Pink glow, Daniel Sandler highlighter or a creamy highlighter from BECCA.

I very rarely use bronzer, but my favourite is either Cover FX or Bobbi Brown, and I'm not a fan of contouring, I prefer to highlight instead.

Lip wise, I always use a lip pencil first, I use a Nude pencil by Rodial, (all over my lips), then I love either Charlotte Tilbury "Bitch perfect" (love the name!), or Tom Ford "Blush Nude."  Sometimes I keep it matte, but if I fancy a bit of a gloss then I use either a MAC dazzle glass gloss or Bobbi Brown in Buff.

Bookings wise - I have bookings every weekend now until October! (I am so rock and roll aren't I.)  So, lots of early nights for me and early starts, but it goes with the job, and it doesn't bother me at all.

I also have been taking bookings up to 2018 now, next year is looking very busy too.  I have taken some very long distance bookings on, its always nice to see different venues.

Please contact me to check availability at your earliest convenience, as I have had to turn away a lot of clients lately, as I am already fully booked.

Thanks for reading.  I am aiming to blog at least once a month, so please bear with me.  Thanks for all of your lovely feedback

(PS, please excuse the selfies, I am not a huge fan, but it does demonstrate what make-up I am using!)


Bobbi Brown haul

Bobbi Brown haul


Tina (smoky eye day look.)

I often get asked how long it takes me to do my make-up, (it depends on what time I have and what I need that day!)

Skin prep is very important to me, so making sure I use the right moisturiser for my skin, (depending on the time of year and my skins needs.)  As I am getting older, my skin is more dry and I feel like I need a bit of a glow! so I always opt for something to give me that, I love my Bobbi Brown Moisturising balm, I then use a Hydrating eye cream.

I mix the balm with a Bobbi Brown CC cream, (as I feel the tinted balm is too heavy for me and the CC cream on its own isn't moisturising enough.)  I then conceal any blemishes, (how is it I still get them at my age!?!) and uneven areas with a Bobbi Brown foundation stick.

I have under eye darkness, so I correct this with 2 shades of concealer, (the darkest first), by Amazing cosmetics, (believe me, I have tried most things and this product really works and does not budge/crease.)  I then use a tiny amount of YSL touch eclait, if I am particularly dark.

Brows next, mine are a bit sparse, so I have to fill them in with an eyeshadow, I use Saddle by Bobbi Brown, (really lightly, as I am not a fan of the whole Instabrow thing, or Instamakeup thing for that matter!) I then define a little with a Pur Minerals brow pencil and set and enhance any brow hairs using Diego Dalla Palma brow gel.

I love using cream eyeshadows as they stay put and don't crease, again, Bobbi Brown are my fave.  For this look I used Vanilla cream eyeshadow stick.  I then used Taupe on the lid and below the eye.  I then used my Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate eye palette, to create a smokey eye.  I added a bit more definition with a gel liner, (this one is from BECCA.)  I then used my Chanel mascara, top and bottom.

Cheeks next - I love my Bobbi Brown pot rouge at the moment in Fresh melon, very natural.  Then a sweep of my Daniel Sandler Radiant sheen on my cheekbones.

Lips to finish - I used Rodial lip pencil in Nude and then finished with my Charlotte Tilbury lip colour in Bitch perfect.

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist studio.

A quick update!

Just a quick post between cleaning my make-up kit!

I have been so busy lately, I really haven't had time to update my blog much, but I hope to in the coming weeks.

I have lots of new images to upload and things to write about so a need a good couple of days to fit it all in!  I will update soon!x


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178 S 1st St, Brooklyn 277
NY 11211

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