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Good make-up starts with the right base being used beforehand, e.g, there is no point putting makeup on bare skin if you have dry skin and are using an oil free foundation.  You need to be aware of what skin type you are, or how your skin is looking, feeling and behaving, the time of the year, the occasion you want the make-up for, then you can make the decision about how to treat it, what to use skincare wise and then use the correct foundation and other products to suit.

When packing up my kit for a wedding or a shoot, I have to have a selection of products in my kit that cater for all types of skin.  Ranging from sensitive, to dry to oily, or a combination.  I need products I can trust and I know I can use quickly and are reliable, and also work well with what make-up I am going to use on the top to compliment that model's/client's look.  I also need it to ensure longevity - as often, I am applying make-up for a special occasion or a shoot, so it needs to look its best, for as long as possible.

My absolute favourite has to be my trusty Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base - with this product I know it will perform, but if need be, I can also use other products, (e.g, if someone has particularly oily skin, I can use my Ben Nye final seal spray sprayed onto a Beauty Blender with the right foundation and then spray again when I have finished the make-up.  I can use the face base if someone has normal/dry skin and I can also use this product if the client has normal/oily skin.  It is a primer and moisturiser all-in-one so no need for two products, (plus it smells divine.) It is a good all-rounder and preps the skin ready for foundation/concealer, etc and ensures the skin doesn't look shiny, it also ensures longevity of the products, so I always stock up on this - I get through pots of pots!

If someone has very dry/mature skin - then I will opt for another Bobbi Brown product, (depending on the time of the year again and occasion.)  If it is winter and cold and the clients skin is very dry or mature, then I love to use the Moisturising balm SPF 25.  You only need a small amount - warm the product between your fingers and press onto the skin.  Voila - skin looks hydrated and has a lovely dewy, natural glow.  Other suitable products are then applied to compliment this.  This also is available in a tint form - I often use this on myself, particularly in the autumn/winter, it gives me a little bit of colour and is very moisturising.  However, if used all the time, it can block your pores, so ensure you exfoliate thoroughly and cleanse too.

BECCA resurfacing primer - This is a lovely product and one I know I can rely on if someone has fine lines and large pores.  It also ensures longevity of the products.  It has glycerin to hydrate and also absorbs oil to prevent any shine, so perfect for a matte look.  It is very light to use and does not clog pores, great for all skin types but particularly oily - so great if a hot day.

MAC oil control lotion - I often use this on teenagers, (my daughter loved this product.)  It is very lightweight but hydrating but delivers enough reliability to keep you shine free, if desired.  It is also non acnegenic, so I tend to use this on a younger skin, or someone who is prone to blemishes or who has very oily skin.

Max Factor Facefinity all day primer - I am not a fan of using a separate product e.g, a primer and then a moisturiser - a good base should consist of both things - to prime and to moisturise.  However, this is a good product to use under foundation to mattify and to hold the make-up on longer.  It contains micro correctors to keep any shine at bay.  It also contains an SPF 20.  I often use this if someone has normal/slightly oily skin.

This Works In transit skin defence - Great for sensitive skin, I often use this in the summer months.  It also has the benefit of having UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection.  It contains hyaluronic acid and calming vitamin E.  It is hydrating so good also for a drier skin.

Embryolisse lait creme concentre - A cult product - I know the Pixiwoo sisters often rave about this product.  It is enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins.  It is a 3-in-1 lotion.  It nourishes any dry areas and is very light and quickly absorbed.  I like using this on dry/sensitive skins, but it is a good all-rounder too.  It has a velvety finish and "grips" the foundation to ensure longevity.  It can also be used as a cleanser, to remove make-up or even as a face mask!

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream - an essential in my kit to ensure the delicate under eye area keeps hydrated and is prepped before foundation and concealer.  Only a small amount is needed.

MAC strobe cream - A great product.  Very moisturising.  I particularly like to use this product if someone has dull skin as it gives it a boost and it luminises it with iridescent particles.  Great to give the skin a bit of radiance. I often mix this product with a foundation too, or even just to pat on the skin on the high points to give a highlight.  It is also non acnegenic.

Cover FX moisturiser - a great product if someone has redness as it reduces this and is hydrating, so great on people suffering with rosacea or high colour, also great for sensitive skins.

Urban decay pore perfector - I love to mix this with another moisturiser to ensure any fine lines or open pores are lessened.  It ensures a matte finish and is non-greasy, great for dry or oily skins.

I love using make-up fixer sprays - I have used in the past MAC prep and prime fix+ and also Make-up Forever mist and fix, but I love using Ben Nye final seal, I think it is far superior.  You can use this to make your make-up water resistant, (drag queens swear by this product so you know you are on to a winner!)  It locks in the make-up when sprayed on at the end, or you can use it to set your foundation sprayed on, or used with a Beauty blender.  By far the best make-up fixer.  Not the best smelling one admittedly, (it smells a bit of mouthwash), but it does work.  It can also sting a little too, (make sure your eyes are closed when spraying and don't get it into your eyes.)  Great for ladies who are perhaps going through the menopause and for use in the summer months.  I also like the Kiko make-up fixer, but tend to always revert back to my trusty Ben Nye.

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