Wedding make-up on myself.

Wedding make-up.

I had the pleasure of attending my niece's wedding yesterday and on myself I decided to opt for a smoky eye look and nude lips.  I was wearing a Topshop green dress and so wanted something a little dramatic to compliment it.

I had prepped and had a bit of a tan with my beloved Sisley fake tan, I then covered any imperfections with my Nars tinted moisturiser and Bobbi Brown foundation stick, I don't tend to use powder as my skin is a little dry.

Under the eyes I used 2 Amazing cosmetics concealers, to hide my under eye shadows then I like to add a bit of my YSL touche eclait.

Brows - I used Anastasia Dip brow pomade and then added a Diego Dalla Palma tinted brow gel to add texture.

I then used a Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow stick to act as a base, on the lid, above crease and under the eye in Sand dune.   I then used a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad, (the Sophisticate.)  Using the mid tone on the crease and outer lid, and a little underneath.  The deeper tones blended on the top and also along the top lash line.  I then added a BECCA gel liner along the top lash line.  Finishing with the neutral eyeshadow on the lid and under the brow.  I used a Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, (top and bottom), then applied some Ardell Demi wispie false eyelashes, adding more mascara. I then used a Bobbi Brown long wear eye pencil in Mahogany and blended a bit into the lash line and tight lined too, blending again at the lash line.

I used a little bit of my Bobbi Brown bronzer in medium along the cheekbones and forehead.  I then added a Bobbi Brown blush in Apricot then highlighted with my Bobbi Brown pink glow highlighter along the top of the cheekbones.

Lips - I used Bobbi Brown lip pencil in Ballet pink then added my Tom Ford lip colour in Blush Nude, keeping the lips matte and finishing with a little bit of a deeper lip pencil by Bobbi Brown - called Bobbi.


Burghley house, Stamford.

Burghley house wedding, Stamford.

I love travelling around the U.K, working on various weddings and yesterday I had the honour of visiting beautiful Stamford.  I had no idea what a great place it is to visit!

Burghley house, Stamford.

Burghley house, Stamford.

It was the gorgeous Rachael's wedding and she was getting married at the very majestic, Burghley house.  It is huge!  I had to do her wedding make-ups at The George in Stamford, which is a gorgeous old hotel, with lots of character, great food and amazing staff,

I took over the room slightly with my make-up kit, (as usual!), lighting was not too bad to work in and all went perfect on the wedding morning and we had such a giggle.

The George hotel, Stamford.

The George hotel, Stamford.

I had the Bride, Mum and 3 gorgeous Bridesmaids to make-up.  Rachael rocked a smokey, sparkly eye with nude, pink glossy lips and the Bridesmaids went for sparkly eyes and pinky glossy lips, apart from one of the Bridesmaids, who went for a slightly stronger look.

Rachael, make-up by Tina Brocklebank.

Rachael, make-up by Tina Brocklebank.

Rachael looked amazing in her fitted, lacey wedding gown. The Bridesmaids were in champagne floor length gowns.  The flowers were so beautiful, and as the Groom was Swiss, they incorporated Edelweiss into their flower scheme.

Beautiful Bride, Rachael.

Beautiful Bride, Rachael.

Rachael's make-up was kept natural but with definition on her eyes.  I used golds and bronzes, with a gorgeous gold sparkly eyeshadow from Make-up Forever.  Skin was dewy on the cheekbones and a flush of pink on the cheeks, lips were nude pink with shimmer lip gloss.

A wonderful, happy morning and I wish Rachael and her Husband lots of love, luck and happiness!

Alisha, Prom make-up.

Prom make-up...

Its not often I post photos of my daughter, but I just had to recently! It was her Prom day recently and I was just so proud of her, I wanted to show her off to the world!

It is a well-known fact, that at this age, teenagers can suffer with bad skin and a few spots here and there.  Alisha has completely mastered the art of concealing her little blemishes.  She has a great skincare routine, but despite all of this, she still gets spots.  She also takes good care of what she eats and she drinks plenty of water.

At the moment she is trying out various creams from the Drs, but I know it is just her hormones, and the blemishes will go.  However, in the meantime, we have a secret weapon...make-up!

Alisha has very pale skin, in fact even paler than porcelain, her shade is the Alabaster from the Bobbi Brown range. She also has very oily skin, typical of her age.  She really has to look after her skin. She has been using Dermalogica, but to be honest, it still hasn't sorted it out.

Moisturiser wise - depending on her skin, she uses an oil-free one from Dermalogica or if her skin is dry, she uses Embryolisse Lait creme concentre.

For her prom, Alisha wanted her make-up very natural.  Thank goodness she is not a heavy make-up kinda girl, (I've taught her well.)  We went for a natural foundation, (of course!), she is not into the spray tan thing either, I always try and persuade girls to go for their own skin colour and embrace it, rather than go against it.

I used the Bobbi Brown foundation stick, which is a wonderful product, you can use it where needed or all over, (if needed.)  You can use it with fingers, brush or a sponge. It is also very economical too and portable.  It is an essential in my kit, thats for sure.

I used this with a damp Beauty Blender, taking real care over any little blemishes, (I had primed and moisturised with Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base.)  I then corrected under her eyes a little and then pin point concealed with a bit of concealer, if needed, in the same shade.  I then used a Vichy loose translucent powder to set her make-up and to stop shine, using a Maggie Hunt powder brush.

Alisha has great, feathery, natural brows, (I am jealous.)  I filled them in with a very light eyeshadow and used Maybelline Brow drama to set and define the hairs.

Eyes - I used Bone cream eyeshadow all over the eye area and then Slate in the crease, outer corner of the lid and slightly under the eye.  I defined with a Black ink gel liner from Bobbi Brown, (avoiding the inner corner, as Alisha hates the bit that sometimes prints underneath the eye.)  I lightly powdered to avoid any smudges too, under the eye.

I applied some natural false eyelashes - Ardell 110 are perfect for this, and then used a Rodial black mascara, which is lovely and carbon black.

I used a creamy pot rouge blush on her cheeks, only a tad, and then highlighted with a MAC iridescent loose powder in Silver dusk, which is gorgeous.  I also used a little on the lid and below the brow.

Lip wise - Alisha only really likes natural, nude shades.  So I applied a lip pencil by Bobbi Brown in Bare all over the lips and then finished with a lip colour by Bobbi Brown in Uber beige.

I was so proud of her on her prom, (as I always am.)  But to see her all dressed up in her amazing dress, (incidentally expertly made my lovely, hugely talented friend, Joanna Leigh Couture in Brigg), and her hair done to perfection, make-up classic and natural, nails painted natural - she looked so elegant and classic.  Very proud indeed.

It was a perfect day and she had an amazing prom.  (Thanks to VW weddings for the camper van hire too and The Wedding and Flower boutique for the gorgeous roses.)

Alisha - Prom dress by Joanna Leigh couture.

Alisha - Prom dress by Joanna Leigh couture. Shoes - Kurt Geiger.  Clutch - Next.  Jewellery - Daniella Draper.

STALF shoot

STALF studio shoot - a classic look for winter.

A very enjoyable morning this morning working with STALF studio in Lincolnshire.  STALF studio creates simple, elegant and wearable womenswear which is handmade in Lincolnshire -  /Instagram

As the clothing is so simple and wearable, for this shoot I wanted to create a classic look, that can be created easily, but using minimal products - who has the time quite frankly, to spend 2 hours applying make-up!?

I used - Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base and then created a matte base to work out using Bobbi Brown Long-wear even finish foundation,applied with a Beauty Blender.  I then applied a creamy concealer and set with a little loose powder.  I then defined Avas' beautiful brows and set with a little MAC brow gel.  I then used a Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in Sandy gold all over the eye area.  Using a Maggie Hunt angled brush, I applied a MAC Black Ink gel eyeliner along the lash line and adding beautiful flicks, to elongate the eyes at the outer corners.  I then added some Ardell demi wispy lashes and added some mascara, (I love Max Factor 2000 calorie.)  I then used Cover FX bronzer and then some highlighter, (Gleam) by Illamasqua, (this was used on the top of the cheekbones only.)  I then moisturised the lips with a  lip balm, (Carmex is good), I then used an Illamasqua red lip pencil all over the lips and filled in with Hollywood Red lip colour by Bobbi Brown.  Leaving it matte with no gloss.

Black winged eyeliner look

Black winged eyeliner...

Today's blustery weather calls for a bit of drama I think - its all about the winged eyeliner today! I used Embryolisse moisturiser first and then used Cover FX compact foundation to even out my skin tone, Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer serum under my eyes, and then Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade on my brows.  To create the eyeliner look, use Urban decay eye primer first, then apply vanilla cream eyeshadow stick by Bobbi Brown all over the eye area, with a MAC 217 apply slate cream shadow (Bobbi Brown again), over the lid, up to the crease and below the eye, blending really well.  With a Louise Young cosmetics brush, (LY31), dip your brush into a black gel liner, (I used Black ink by Bobbi Brown, but MAC do a good one too - Black track.)  Start in the inner corner, applying right next to the roots of the lashes along the lash line, stop at the last lash and then use the full edge of the brush at the outer end of your lid to create a flick, (this should be in line with your lower lid.) Next create a triangle shape a little higher up and colour in with the liner.  Then, go along the whole of the lash line again with the liner, creating a thicker line.  Apply some Ardell Demi wispies, (false eyelashes) and you are good to go.  Keep the rest of your make-up quite neutral.  I used Bobbi Brown lip pencil in Beige and a little pink quartz shimmer brick.



Beautiful before and after makeup.

How to treat/camouflage dark circles...

One of the most common concerns for the ladies that I meet are dark circles.  Dark circles are different to an eye bag, and eye bag is a "sag" and no amount of make-up can conceal this, (I will blog about this hopefully on a later date.)  There may be different causes for the dark circles, one could be hereditary even.  All is not lost, as we have my secret weapon of choice...make-up!

Firstly, you do have to make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well and drinking plenty of water.  Next, comes skincare advice...

To fade the dark pigmentation underneath they eye area a great eye cream is RoC Retinol correxion eye cream, it has a vitamin A derivative and increases the collagen too, (but don't apply too much too often.)  There is a prescription formula called Renova, with low retinoid content too.

Choose a correct make-up remover and don't rub too much, this will cause inflammation and capillary damage.  I use Bioderma Crealine H20 or Bobbi Brown cleansing oil.  Never wash your face with hot water either, this can irritate.

For creams - look for brightening ingredients, such as Arbulin, kojic acid, licorice, vitamin c or daisy extract.  (The gold standard is a prescription cream with hydroquinone in, but it maybe quite irritating.)

Make-up wise - for an instant vanishing act a corrector and creamy concealer are the only things that will camouflage this, (I know all too well!)  The correct ones will make you look younger and well rested.  The best ones have more coverage and don't wear off.

Use 2 shades to camouflage - a peachy toned one first, (the corrector) - this neutralises the blue/grey underneath the eye.  Apply in thin layers on the actual darkness itself, not too close to your lashes, as it will crease, apply in light layers and build them up.  I like to use a clean brush for the corrector and concealer, (try a Real Techniques detail brush or LY08 brush by Louise Young.)  Next, apply the concealer which needs to be creamy, again, in light layers over the corrector.  You can pat gently with your finger too, but don't wipe it away, just gently pat.  Corrector wise I either use a Bobbi Brown one or the Laura Mercier one in the Secret Camouflage palette.  For concealer, again, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.

Apply a small amount of yellow-based loose powder, (very minimally, as you don't want it to settle in any fine lines.  To be honest, I don't do this step on myself, as the concealer tends to last well enough.)

If you find it is creasing during the day, rehydrate with an eye cream - I love using Lancôme Absolue Yeux.

Choose the right eyeshadow - a fine, shimmering nude cream eyeshadow works well on most skintones, as a base.  Use an eye curler too.

Use a soft peach eye pencil along the bottom waterline, try Jouer eye clarifier, this disguises any redness and makes you look less tired.

Of course, more make-up techniques need to be followed to compliment this to enhance you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and don't forget to leave a comment on my Facebook or Twitter, thanks! x

Gothic bridal beauty

Halloween/Gothic bride shoot

A very hectic time at the moment, as I am juggling with shoots and my wedding work, plus I have just been taken on with an agency in Birmingham, so its all go at the moment.  You will see below what I have been up to - a Halloween/Gothic bridal look, just for fun really.  I wanted to create something that looked a little haunting but still beautiful at the same time.  I blocked out Leannes eyebrows first with pritt stick! (yes Pritt stick, it is completely safe!)  I kept powdering and adding foundation until the brows were blocked out.  I then evened out Leannes skin with Bobbi Brown foundation stick and concealer and dusted over with a loose powder.  I wanted to create a really dramatic, dark eye so used Charcoal eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown and added a gel liner and some amazing false lashes from these were some Red cherry ones.  I then paled down the lip by using concealer and then contoured the cheeks with some Tom Ford cream, (shade and Illuminate.)  I also then added a dark lip to mix things up a bit.






8os inspired makeup

80's inspired make-up by Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist and working at Stubton hall...

Work has been extremely busy lately as wedding season is in full swing and I have been busy re-stocking my make-up kit and I also did an 80's inspired shoot too, with Tracy Conway-Smith.  I always love using strong colours for photoshoots.  I used Make-up Forever, Maybelline, Illamasqua, Mac and Bobbi Brown.  They eyelashes were from Eldora and they look amazing don't they!


Recently I worked on a wedding with some fabulous ladies from Essex and the venue was the amazing Stubton hall, near Newark, it is definitely one of my favourite places to the lighting is fantastic for a make-up artist.

I have also introduced some amazing new false lashes into my make-up kit from Velour lashes, they last up to 25 times, look beautiful and don't harm your own lashes, yes they are a bit more expensive but so worth it! x




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