Alisha, Prom make-up.

Prom make-up...

Its not often I post photos of my daughter, but I just had to recently! It was her Prom day recently and I was just so proud of her, I wanted to show her off to the world!

It is a well-known fact, that at this age, teenagers can suffer with bad skin and a few spots here and there.  Alisha has completely mastered the art of concealing her little blemishes.  She has a great skincare routine, but despite all of this, she still gets spots.  She also takes good care of what she eats and she drinks plenty of water.

At the moment she is trying out various creams from the Drs, but I know it is just her hormones, and the blemishes will go.  However, in the meantime, we have a secret weapon...make-up!

Alisha has very pale skin, in fact even paler than porcelain, her shade is the Alabaster from the Bobbi Brown range. She also has very oily skin, typical of her age.  She really has to look after her skin. She has been using Dermalogica, but to be honest, it still hasn't sorted it out.

Moisturiser wise - depending on her skin, she uses an oil-free one from Dermalogica or if her skin is dry, she uses Embryolisse Lait creme concentre.

For her prom, Alisha wanted her make-up very natural.  Thank goodness she is not a heavy make-up kinda girl, (I've taught her well.)  We went for a natural foundation, (of course!), she is not into the spray tan thing either, I always try and persuade girls to go for their own skin colour and embrace it, rather than go against it.

I used the Bobbi Brown foundation stick, which is a wonderful product, you can use it where needed or all over, (if needed.)  You can use it with fingers, brush or a sponge. It is also very economical too and portable.  It is an essential in my kit, thats for sure.

I used this with a damp Beauty Blender, taking real care over any little blemishes, (I had primed and moisturised with Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base.)  I then corrected under her eyes a little and then pin point concealed with a bit of concealer, if needed, in the same shade.  I then used a Vichy loose translucent powder to set her make-up and to stop shine, using a Maggie Hunt powder brush.

Alisha has great, feathery, natural brows, (I am jealous.)  I filled them in with a very light eyeshadow and used Maybelline Brow drama to set and define the hairs.

Eyes - I used Bone cream eyeshadow all over the eye area and then Slate in the crease, outer corner of the lid and slightly under the eye.  I defined with a Black ink gel liner from Bobbi Brown, (avoiding the inner corner, as Alisha hates the bit that sometimes prints underneath the eye.)  I lightly powdered to avoid any smudges too, under the eye.

I applied some natural false eyelashes - Ardell 110 are perfect for this, and then used a Rodial black mascara, which is lovely and carbon black.

I used a creamy pot rouge blush on her cheeks, only a tad, and then highlighted with a MAC iridescent loose powder in Silver dusk, which is gorgeous.  I also used a little on the lid and below the brow.

Lip wise - Alisha only really likes natural, nude shades.  So I applied a lip pencil by Bobbi Brown in Bare all over the lips and then finished with a lip colour by Bobbi Brown in Uber beige.

I was so proud of her on her prom, (as I always am.)  But to see her all dressed up in her amazing dress, (incidentally expertly made my lovely, hugely talented friend, Joanna Leigh Couture in Brigg), and her hair done to perfection, make-up classic and natural, nails painted natural - she looked so elegant and classic.  Very proud indeed.

It was a perfect day and she had an amazing prom.  (Thanks to VW weddings for the camper van hire too and The Wedding and Flower boutique for the gorgeous roses.)

Alisha - Prom dress by Joanna Leigh couture.

Alisha - Prom dress by Joanna Leigh couture. Shoes - Kurt Geiger.  Clutch - Next.  Jewellery - Daniella Draper.

me applying - Jess Petrie photography

Christmas wish list 2015...

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!....there's so much on offer out there, make-up wise for us, it can all get a little bit crazy to decide what to put on our Christmas list or to buy those make-up lovers in your life. Here I have tracked down a few beauties, plus of course, I am offering my very popular Make-up lesson/session vouchers (£150 for an hour session. You will receive a bespoke session in my make-up studio in Healing, skin preparation, make-up application, false eyelashes, before and after photograph, a personalised face chart/product list, and a make-up procedure sheet. E-mail me - and I will send you info on how to purchase.)

Hourglass Ambient lighting edit - £65 -

Hourglass ambient lighting edit.

Hourglass ambient lighting edit.

Dior Addict gloss in Sparkle - £22.50 -

Dior Addict gloss

Dior Addict gloss

Nars Steven Klein Fantascene killer shine lipstick in Shame - £20 -

Nars Lipstick

Nars Lipstick



Bobbi Brown sequin eyeshadow in Constellation - £25 -

Bobbi Brown sequin eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown sequin eyeshadow

Tom Ford waterproof mascara - £39 -

Tom Ford mascara

Tom Ford mascara

MAC studio eyegloss in Pearl vanish - £16 -

MAC studio eye gloss

MAC studio eye gloss

Topshop smoke stick in Treasure rocks - £6.50 -

Topshop smoke stick

Topshop smoke stick

Happy shopping!x

Black winged eyeliner look

Black winged eyeliner...

Today's blustery weather calls for a bit of drama I think - its all about the winged eyeliner today! I used Embryolisse moisturiser first and then used Cover FX compact foundation to even out my skin tone, Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer serum under my eyes, and then Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade on my brows.  To create the eyeliner look, use Urban decay eye primer first, then apply vanilla cream eyeshadow stick by Bobbi Brown all over the eye area, with a MAC 217 apply slate cream shadow (Bobbi Brown again), over the lid, up to the crease and below the eye, blending really well.  With a Louise Young cosmetics brush, (LY31), dip your brush into a black gel liner, (I used Black ink by Bobbi Brown, but MAC do a good one too - Black track.)  Start in the inner corner, applying right next to the roots of the lashes along the lash line, stop at the last lash and then use the full edge of the brush at the outer end of your lid to create a flick, (this should be in line with your lower lid.) Next create a triangle shape a little higher up and colour in with the liner.  Then, go along the whole of the lash line again with the liner, creating a thicker line.  Apply some Ardell Demi wispies, (false eyelashes) and you are good to go.  Keep the rest of your make-up quite neutral.  I used Bobbi Brown lip pencil in Beige and a little pink quartz shimmer brick.



Tina trying out the Pixiwoo hooded lids tutorial

Blog update!...

Things have been very hectic lately, (again!), ive been really busy with make-up trials and make-up lessons - the wedding season is in full flow it seems - this weekend I am working in Bedfordshire at Wyboston lakes for a wedding, and I have also recently taken on a wedding booking for Liverpool next month at the beautiful Knowsley Hall.  I get to see so many lovely venues and work with such great people.

I have been doing lots of make-up lessons for ladies recently, for all ages - I even had one lady who was going to go for botox for her wedding, but after I did her makeup, she decided against it! It always gives me so much pleasure to give another lady such a gift, a gift of looking and feeling amazing.  Make-up, to me, is so much more than just applying a bit of make-up, yes, it is also about knowing your craft/speciality and having lots of experience, but it is also about making that person feel good and look good and once you have all of those ingredients, then the women who leave my make-up studio leave happy and safe in the knowledge that they will be able to keep in touch with me and also be armed with all the products they need and new techniques they need to practise, so they can enhance their appearance naturally, and embrace what they have and work with it, instead of against.  Make-up doesn't have to be heavy or unnatural - the best make-up is soft and pretty to enhance each individual, (some ladies like their make-up dramatic, each lady is different and unique, and therefore should be treat as such.)

I have also been travelling about recently, I had a great trip to London to see the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, (my favourite place to go in London.)  I have also been to Silverstone at the weekend too, (a Christmas present for my Husband! he loved driving the Ferrari and Aston Martin at 120 mph!  my daughter and I loved watching him, so I would highly recommend, if you like that sort of thing or if your Husband does!)

I found the time to try out a new make-up look on myself - I often say I could do with a make-over myself! as I get so carried away doing everyone elses' make-up, I somehow forget about myself!  So, I tried out the Pixiwoo hooded lids tutorial - I must say, as a Make-up artist, you never stop learning ever, so its great to watch Sam/Nic and keep updated and refreshed.  I am as guilty as the next person as getting into a bit of a rut, but I do know what works for my face...and most importantly, what doesn't!

I have also been stocking up on false eyelashes, (I must have hundreds of pairs! - these always enhance the eyes and there is a pair for everyone for all ages nowadays - they are hugely popular.)  I have also bought some new make-up products/skincare to add to my kit - I will try and blog about them soon.

Please get in touch if you want to book for this year - weekends are very limited now, and for next year too! I have already taken bookings for 2017 too.  You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter - stop by and say hello, (links on my homepage.)

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and thank-you for taking the time to read, Tina xxx



Photo by James Green.

The Guest Blogger - Alisha Brocklebank

The Guest Blogger: March (spring)

So, a new season, a new blog...hopefully I can give you, the teenage girls out there who need money saving alternatives; and easy application ideas; to get that fresh faced feel this spring.

As a fellow teenager, I know how tricky achieving that perfect median between ‘not looking like a ten year old wanna-be’ and ‘applying too much make-up like the girls on Towie’ can be. Therefore I have come up with a simple solution that has not only seen me through the changing seasons of nature and make-up, but also enabled me to apply enough make-up so I can still achieve the looks I see in the magazines- just without applying that much make-up and using Photoshop in the process…Don’t worry, I’m not going to be one of those people who go on a bit too much about stereotyping, but just a quick pointer: the people that you see aren’t really who they are in ‘real life’. But anyway, back to that solution I was telling you about- basically, what I do is look at a lot of pictures on Pinterest (if you haven’t got this, I highly recommend! I have my whole life planned on there, however sad that sounds…) and in fashion magazines such as Look- my personal favourite- every time I see a make-up look that makes me think “I want to copy that”, I use my brain to its full advantage: instead of being all ‘sciency’ and thinking logically, I just think of alternative ways I can re-create this look on myself, by using the products I already have. Easy, right? But, if you’re in a situation when you really don’t have any products that could possibly complement each other to look like a personalised version of what you see, you may have to go to the last resort; plan B- go shopping.

Not like shopping is a bad thing (if you absolutely loath shopping, I don’t suggest you read on), as I have been in this situation many times myself, and has always felt nervous every time I hand those golden coins of vanity over to the impatient cashier across the life or death boundary, that is, the till. But I sincerely recommend not shopping for make-up online, unless you a) have already tried the product in a store, or b) your mum has a discount card that can only be used on the website…so instead, take a trip down town (hopefully not to prison though, shop lifting is not part of the solution) and test out some products in Boots, Superdrug or even House of Fraser so you can find the product you have really been longing for. However, there’s always that possibility, a very likely possibility, that you will purchase more than you went in for, as all will power during those deciding seconds of “Do I go for the 3 for 2, or 50% off?” goes completely out the window. So, if you can hold on for a few days, weeks, or months (worse-case scenario) whilst you wait for the big bucks of a few pounds to roll into your purse, I recommend doing a spring make-up haul to spruce up your cosmetic collection. And I think you should look out for a few of these essentials, which I wouldn’t even miss:

Garnier BB Cream Special Combination to Oily skin (£9.99) 

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun (£6.49)

Illamasqua Gleam Cream in Aurora (£20)

Rimmel London Brow This Way Eye-Brow gel (£3.99)

Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion in Original (£16)

Naked 2 Palette (£37)

MAC Sized to Go False Lashes in Black (£10)

Eyeko Eye-Do Liquid Eyeliner in Brown (£15)

Autograph Ultra-Rich Colour Twist-Up Lipstick in Pink Parfait (£9.50)




Photo demonstrating how a client usually applies her makeup, no makeup and then make-up that I apply.

Prom make-up - Make-up by Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist...

Prom season is upon us, (once again!) and I have been so busy with make-up trials, weddings and also Prom make-ups.  I have just written an article for The Journal magazine about this.  I am always surprised when I meet my prom girls as 16 years old is so much older now from when I was that age.  These girls are inundated nowadays with images of perfection, so hats off to them as they all looked stunning and such lovely girls, so a real credit to their parents.   I wish them every success in their new adventures now they have left school!

The most requested makeup styles were - Bronzed, contoured look, pale skin with nude eye and cat eyeliner with a bold lip or smokey eye and a nude lip and Natural with peachy tones and soft, smokey eye. As you can see from a couple of photos below, I loved doing make-up on these beautiful girls.  They were so lovely to work with.

I have still got lots of weddings too to work on and I have been very busy with these recently.  I also have lots of other things in the watch this space!xx






Prom Makeup

Luxury bridal make-up lessons -

Wedding season is in full flow and I have been so busy with bridal/wedding make-up trials and make-up lessons.  I often get asked to do make-up lessons for ladies that are getting married abroad, I have done quite a few of these just lately, so I have updated my make-up lesson package accordingly.

I suppose it all started off when Kate Middleton got married and surprised everyone by not having a make-up artist, as she did her own make-up on her wedding day, (Hannah Martin of Bobbi Brown was there on hand to help.)

I now offer Luxury bridal make-up lessons at my Lincolnshire-based make-up studio.  These can be catered for your requirements, however, the most popular recently has been a 2 hour lesson at £155.00, (this includes one set of false lashes.)  Prior to meeting you I will send you a questionnaire and this will enable me to cater the lesson for you and for me to get a feel of what look you would like on your wedding day.  It is a good idea if you bring your own skincare and make-up bag with you, as hopefully you will have some suitable products in there already, without you having to purchase lots of new ones for your wedding day, (I will provide all of the make-up used on the make-up lesson.)  The first hour will be spent discussing your needs and I will demonstrate a natural bridal make-up and then I will create a more dramatic, evening version so you can compare the two looks, (often the more dramatic version is best, especially for bridal/wedding photographs.)

It is a good idea if you turn up to the lesson with your normal make-up on as you would normally do it, then I will take a photograph of you prior to removing your make-up.  I will then take another photo and then again at the end of the make-up lesson.  Included in the make-up lesson is skincare advice, bespoke bridal looks designed just for you, an application sheet, (e-mailed to you after the session) and a personalised face chart and product list.  You can then go online and purchase any necessary items ready for your big day.  I am also there after your lesson for any further guidance/support you may require.

Please contact me if you would like to book or for further information.


Smokey eyes...

Special occasion make-up, etc.

I had another very busy weekend last weekend - I also had the pleasure of doing 2 lovely ladies' special occasion make-ups for an evening wedding reception, as she had got married abroad.  Kelly wanted a Kim Kardashian look so I knew I could really go for it with the make-up and contouring.  I used lots of different products, including Make-up forever, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Louise Young, Tom Ford and Illamasqua, (see photo.)  I also used some beautiful false eyelashes from Mac.

I have another very busy weekend ahead of me again, with 3 weddings on.  Wedding season is in full effect!  I am soon to be travelling to Stoke and also the beautiful Walcott Hall in Alkborough.

I hope you are having a fantastic Summer! I will write a blog soon about meltproof make-up I think!

Tina x



Prom make-up

Prom make-up and an update...

I have had a very busy prom season, (see photo of the beautiful Alice Hendry.)  Photo by Gary Davies -


Alice has got amazing skin anyway, so I just enhanced that and you can see how beautiful and glowing her complexion is.  I also used Mac false lashes here, which always accentuate the eyes beautifully, without looking too obvious.

I am half way through the wedding season now, and still lots of bookings and weddings are coming through.  I have lots of bookings for next year with limited availability now.

I am really looking forward to doing 2 weddings tomorrow, one in Hull and then onto Crystals' at the White Heather.  Saturday another busy day with 3 ladies for Natalies' wedding and then I am going to do Kerrys' evening make-ups.  I will hopefully post some photos up.

Thanks for reading!

Tina x


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