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Hi guys, hope you are all doing ok after the mayhem of Christmas.  Happy new year to you all!

I posted recently about a new lipstick I had bought, (as it was my birthday this week and I needed a bit of colour in my life! its been a bit grey recently hasn't it!)

The lipstick colour was The Queen from Charlotte Tilbury with her Kiss n tell lip pencil.

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist.

I then had a few requests to ask me what skincare I used, so I thought I would do a quick post about it.  I am not great at updating my blog I must admit!

Firstly let’s just state the obvious with good skin - getting enough sleep, good food, lots of water, exercise and trying to cut down on stress all help!

I’m also a big believer in HRT and I think replacing hormones that are declining with age, help to keep everything looking good and working properly for as long as possible! You may have seen in the press recently about all of this, but this isn’t a new thing! It’s just taken so many years for it to be finally taken serious and for women to gain access to their hormones and right advice! We have still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

I had an early, surgical menopause at 38 and wasn’t pleasant and I’ve only just, in the past 3 years, researched HRT and started to get myself back on track. Knowledge is power, so don’t be fobbed off!

I am also a big fan of skincare guru, Caroline Hirons and I have her Skincare book guide.  I quote her regularly when I am doing my makeup lessons, such as."Skin is the foundation"!

Caroline Hirons Skincare book.

I am 53. She says for ages 40+ we benefit from the following -

A good eye make-up remover or first cleanser, you may prefer thicker cream cleansers at this point.

Acids.  Glycolic, lactic and PHA acids are all great for older skins.

A hyaluronic-based facial mist to replace lost moisture.

Eye products. Go for gels if you have crepey eyes, or light creams. Richer eye creams are not favourable on an older face.

Vitamin A/Retinoid. An absolute must. Your skins cell turnover is extremely slow at this age. Vitamin A is your best friend. Jump in!

Facial oil. A facial oil is essential - it will literally replace the glow on an older face.

Good anti-oxidant serums. Whilst these are still important, you may prefer to spend your money "correcting" issues at this age, and that brings us to...

A good quality pigmentation serum/product.

A good quality hyaluronic product.

A moisturiser suited to your skin type.  You may want to spend a little more on a moisturiser at this age. There is some merit to a separate night cream for an older skin, but it is more of a "nice to have" product than a must.

She continues..."Your skincare kit can be as comprehensive or as simple as you want.  I was asked recently what I would take away with me if I could only pick three products. I went with a great balm cleanser, a good retinoid and an SPF 50. Your needs change with age".

So, with all of this in mind I did some more research and came up with my skincare routine -

1.  Simple Eye makeup remover - I have very sensitive eyes so this one suits me.

2.  Cerave Hydrating cleanser - I remove this with a soft flannel and warm water. Balm wise I love the Bobbi Brown one or The Body shop Camomile butter one.

3.  The Inkey list PHA toner - I use this twice a day after cleansing, (if I am using a Retinol I don't use it as regularly).

4. PIXI Hydrating Milky mist.

5. Facial oil, (if my skin is dry) - The Inkey list Squalene oil or Rosehip oil.

6.  The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% HA.

7.  Embryolisse Lait creme concentre moisturiser.

8. La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50.

For evening -

Eye makeup remover - Simple

Cleanser - CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

Vitamin A product - I had some sent over to me from Spain, as they can get it over the counter there. I have all 3 strengths, and have just finished my first tube. I did have a bit of peeling, (expected), from using it, so I just use it every 3 nights and sometimes buffer the product with an oil.

Oil - The Inkey list Squalene or I have a lovely Bobbi Brown one which I love too, but I also think that Almond oil is just as good.


Make-up wise, I like to look as luminous as I can, (lord knows I need it these days!!) so I layer with my base too - I mix my own base to make my own "tinted moisturiser". I use my Bobbi Brown Intensive serum foundation mixed with a little bit of MAC strobe cream. This gives my skin a lovely glow.

I have been having a little bit of botox between my eyebrows, as I had a deep furrow and didn't want to look cross all of the time, so this has helped, (it was a big step for me and I do like the effect it gives and I know Caroline Hiron's approves of Botox, so that's good enough for me!) I think the problem comes when people have too much.

Brows - I use an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Ash brown applied with one of my angled brow brushes. I then use a bit of a tinted eye brow gel, (Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted brow gel in Espresso and fill in any little gaps with their pen in Medium brown. My brows are crap without makeup on!)

On a day to day basis, I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I will just apply a bit of mascara, (I like Max Factor Curl addict in Black).

Blush - Max Factor Miracle pure cream blush in Vintage peony.

Highlight - I apply on the top of my cheekbones either my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Pink quartz or my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter in No3 Fair.

Lips - I really like a nude colour usually and I am forever on the hunt for the perfect one!  I usually mix my own. Usually a mixture of Lisa Eldridge Velvet muse with a MAC satin lipstick in Myth finished with a Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in Iconic nude.

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist.

I usually use Glossier lip balms.


My Makeup studio has been redecorated and I am now able to offer joint and group makeup lessons, as well as Makeup artist training.

I have been really busy with Online makeup lessons and these are proving very popular. One lady who had a lesson with me was a past client whose makeup I did for her wedding some 10 years ago and she has since moved to Yorkshire, so it was so nice to see her again. I also met clients in London and even Wales!
Here’s a lovely review…

Online makeup lesson review.

Here are some photos of my new studio...

Tinas new studio.

Tina’s Makeup studio, (Lesson and training area).

Pro brush range and wrap, £150.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers.

Tina's Re-touch kit.


I am really looking forward to this new direction in my career, now I have cut down on wedding work. Bridal makeup is by special arrangement only and I will only be taking 2-3 on a year.

Anyway, bye for now and thanks for reading.

Tina x












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