Problem skin and my secret weapons of choice...

Problem skin and secret weapons...

I have the pleasure of being able to meet and help so many people of all ages, each with varying skin dilemmas and concerns.

One of the most upsetting is acnified/blemished skin. I know first hand how this can affect one’s confidence. I suffered mildly as a teenager and now my 16 year old daughter is suffering with it too.

Being a Make-up artist helps greatly, as I can advise exactly what products can help with concealing and evening out the skin. However, often certain products can make the skin look worse and enhance the appearance. I must have spent hundreds of pounds on skincare and treatments over the years, not to mention time spent researching this condition.

In the end I opted to pay for a private consultation with a skincare specialist. A Professor no less. At least for now, we may be getting somewhere, we are a month into the treatment...

The condition is largely hormonal, however, you can help a bit by using the correct skincare and make-up. Diet is a myth, so we were told, (my daughter had great pleasure in hearing this!) We were also told not to use a moisturiser as blemishes/acne feeds from that idea was quashed! if her skin did get dry, she was given a special facial wash to use and also a cream to use twice a week.

Make-up wise, I suggest determining first what your skin colour is and purchasing the correct formula and shade for your skin and type. Do not be pressured into buying anything until you have researched if it is non-comedogenic, (doesn’t block pores), and also obtain a sample first to ensure it is the correct texture and shade for you. Test it out before you buy it. If they don’t offer samples, do not buy anything!

Finding the correct products can be a real minefield. The products need to provide great coverage, longevity and not aggravate the skin.

Skin will need to be evened out with foundation then any redness or blemishes concealed with concealer. These two products are key and greatly helped my daughter through the worse flare- ups. Obviously if you have very bumpy or flaky skin, then applying make-up to this can make it appear worse, so you do have to bear that in mind.

Our two products of choice were the Bobbi Brown Long-wear foundation and also NARS creamy concealer. Both are non-comedogenic. The Long-wear foundation is great for my daughters skin as it is very oily and is a perfect match, as she is the palest shade in their range, she has very fair skin. The concealer also is amazing at concealing and staying put. Both products I highly recommend.

Other great products are -
Foundation - Lancome Teint Visionnaire, Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions liquid make-up and Cover FX pressed mineral foundation.
Concealer wise - this should provide extra coverage and is best applied over foundation - Cover FX cream concealer, Murad blemish treatment concealer and Bare Minerals SPF 20 correcting concealer.

If you feel you need to set your make-up I advise a light dusting of powder applied with a nice big powder brush. My daughter uses MAC Prime focus Prep and prime transparent finishing powder, but I also like Bobbi Brown loose powders. Go gently with powder if you have particularly dry skin.  Apply with a big fluffy brush - I love the Real Techniques brush or Maggie Hunt one.


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