1. I love using the Bioderma Sensibio H20 micelle solution, (£15.95). This is great for any skin type so I tend to use this a lot, plus my other fave Bobbi Brown cleansing oil. It is very mild and gentle, (I have been using this on myself too and my daughter, as we have been suffering with spot breakouts, so great for sensitivity too.) It is a cult product, loved by Professional make-up artists world-wide and models, and I can understand why now.

I have been using this for about 2 years now and right from day one I fell in love with the product and I am officially hooked! It is a "micellar lotion" this means it uses micelles which micro-emulsify any impurities whilst maintaining the skin balance. it also has a decongesting active ingredient. This requires no water to rinse, is hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol-free, so perfect too for cleaning eye make-up away.

I generally like to use damp cotton wool pads and superficial cleanse first and then do a deeper cleanse to ensure skin is thoroughly clean, prior to any further moisturiser/make-up.

I also think, as this isn't on the skin very long that is is a great price - I don't like spending too much money on cleanser but it does need to be effective and gentle, so this fits the bill perfectly.

Bioderma cleanser

Bioderma cleanser

2. Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers and concealers (£34), - I have fallen in love with these products only just recently, after a trip to Liverpool. They do such a great range of moisturisers, for all skins types. I specifically love the Illuminating tinted moisturiser as it is very sheer and natural, gives great moisturization, stays on all day and gives a lovely, natural glow, its so easy to use too. You just use a small amount and apply to your face, then blend in with your fingers. They have a SPF 20 in too. No wonder these have won awards, they truly are fantastic! I highly recommend the concealers too, I love using the creamier version on myself, as I have quite dark circles so I use secret concealer and then use a tiny amount of the secret camouflage palette where needed. Viola! 5 years younger! (Bobbi Brown concealers are my favourites too and I have them all in my kit too of course!)

laura mercier tinted moisturiser

3. Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick (£29) - As you may know, I am a huge Bobbi Brown fan as I used to work for her back in 1998! and I have used her products ever since. But, this product is fantastic for anyone. It is portable so great and easy for touch-ups, if required, during the day. To apply you can either just swipe where needed directly onto the face, or you can apply with your fingers. You can apply with a damp sponge and build the coverage to your liking. You can even use a brush if you prefer, but its so easy to apply, I just think if you use your fingers it couldn't get any easier than that to get even, beautiful looking skin very quickly! and because it comes in 24 different shades, right from very pale, (pink toned) to very dark, (Espresso), there is a shade for everyone, you don't have to blend these either if you find the correct shade. A must-have product to use on myself and in my make-up kit, (which I have the BBU palette which is brilliant too.)

bobbi brown foundation stick


4. Anastasia dipbrow pomade (£15) - I have been wondering what all the fuss was about so I decided to order myself some of this to try out. I am obsessed with eyebrows anyway and buying new products. I had been using the Anastasia brow wiz pencil but wanted to try something new and I love this range for eyebrow products. I used my Real techniques brow brush for this as its perfect for achieving an easily achieved, natural shape, although Anastasia do have their own brush too which is great. It has a gel-mousse texture, so all you need to do is apply it through brow hairs, in the direction of the hairs, shaping the brow as you go, lightly at first and then go over if required. I found this lasted all day as it is waterproof and smudge-resistant, plus it could double as an eyeliner too! Great natural shades too. I went for Soft brown. I will definitely be ordering more of this. I bought this from www.cultbeauty.co.uk

Anastasia dipbrow


5. MAC pro-pencils (£15) - I love these pencils as they are lovely to work with as they are nice and soft so easy to use and to blend, if required. I love these for eyes and for the lips. They are long wearing and transfer proof so you don't have to worry about re-applying or it smudging everywhere. They add definition and have rich pigment in them, so the colour payoff is just right, no more having to retrace over what you have done to get the correct amount of colour on.

mac pro longwear pencil

6. Sleek lip palettes - (£8.99) - I have loved this brand for a while now, as a lot of make-up artists had raved about it to me, however, I must say the lip palettes are great. They sell them in Tesco and online, so easily bought. The shades available vary from a natural palette, (which I love using on myself, in Ballet.) You can use one shade or you can mix the four shades and textures to customise your own. I find that if you use a lip pencil prior to any lip colour then it will stay on a lot longer. There are 4 textures that range from matte, satin to gloss and are beautiful to work with....(Bobbi Brown lip colours are amazing too 😉 )

sleek lip palette


7. Real Techniques make-up brushes by Samantha Chapman - I have been a huge fan of Sam ever since she started making YouTube tutorials with her sister, Nic, aka Pixiwoo about 6 years ago. Amazingly, talented, inspiring make-up artists. So when they designed and brought out their own make-up brushes then you know these are going to be a success and do the job right! and indeed they do... I even have my daughter, who is nearly 15, hooked on them! You can buy these individually or in core sets and are going down a storm! I love these as they make my job so much easier. They make blending any product so easy. They are handcut, cruelty-free and have taklon bristles. I always recommend these to my clients too.

Real Techniques brushes

8. Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, (£6.99) - Time and time again I come back to using this mascara and for that price you just cant grumble about it! I do sometimes use this in my makeup kit, in the waterproof version. I love it as it instantly makes any lashes look longer and thicker without clumps. Always in black too as it adds more definition. I also like to use MAC mascaras. Always ensure whilst applying your mascara to apply right to the roots of your lashes, and zig-zag through the lashes, to ensure even coverage of each lash.

max factor 2000 calorie mascara

9. Revlon photo ready cream blush, (£7.99) - I love using cream blush as it looks more natural I think, as it has a lovely dewy look to it once applied. Use your finger to dot a little bit on the apples of your cheeks and then blend up to your hairline. These products are buildable and very silky to work with, very lightweight too. Pinched is my fave. I also love the Bobbi Brown Pot rouge and use these all of the time - I love Powder pink and Calypso coral. You can set these if desired with the same shade in a powder blush, but I often just swipe a little Bobbi Brown shimmer brick over the cheekbones, to compliment the glow...(By the way, I make no apology for the amount of times I talk about Bobbi Brown!!)

pot rouge

10. False eyelashes - Where do I start? I am obsessed with these too and I always recommend these to my clients as they add so much more to the look, whether you like a natural look or a more dramatic look. I always say, "Its not a bad thing to have longer, thicker lashes is it?!" 99.9% of people love them once they try them. They are a lot kinder to your own lashes than individual false lashes, (I am not a fan I am afraid). They also look a lot more natural too and wont damage your own lashes. I love using lashes from MAC, Shu Uemura, Eylure, Red Cherry and Velour, although there are lots of others too! Always use a pencil or liner prior to applying them and then neaten up the line after application. I always use DUO lash adhesive as it is the best too.

My false eyelash drawer

I hope you have enjoyed reading my make-up blog and thank-you for reading it...please feel free to contact me should you have any questions! Tina xxx