The glamorous life of a Professional Make-up artist...

It's that time again! I am very mindful about keeping my make-up kit and brushes all sanitised and clean.  So, when you book a Professional make-up artist, take into consideration not just the time she puts into applying your make-up but also replying to e-mails, cleaning and stocking up her make-up kit and brushes not to mention her experience and portfolio.  This sets the professionals apart from the amateurs, thus is reflected in their pricing.

Between clients, my brushes and make-up are sterilised and cleaned, ready to use on the next client.  Once or twice a week I will thoroughly wash my make-up brushes with an anti-bacterial liquid.  This ensures there are no germs lurking on them and therefore, keeps my clients free from any infections.

Also, certain measures are taken whilst applying your make-up to ensure a hygienic make-up application, such as using a disposable mascara wand and not just the mascara wand in the actual mascara itself.

All these steps ensure my clients receive the best possible service and I am very lucky to meet and work with such lovely people.  I have received so many hugs and thank-you letters recently, I always feel so happy when this happens, it makes it all worthwhile and drives me on to carry on doing what I love.

Make-up, to me, is much more than just applying make-up, it is also about making that person feel their best and is such a confidence boost, which sadly,  most women lack, (including myself!)  As soon as I have finished putting on the make-up, I have seen tears, (of happiness), and its always great to be on the receiving end of a big hug and a heartfelt thank-you.  I think it is such a great gift to give to someone, the gift of looking and feeling amazing, its a lot deeper than just applying a bit of many women soon find out when they book me.






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