False eyelashes.

To say I am obsessed with false eyelashes would be an understatement.  I always like to encourage wearing false lashes, especially if its for a special occasion, even if someone doesn't wear them.  They simply enhance your eyes and make you look like you have fuller, longer lashes...not a bad thing!  There are so many brands to chose from nowadays and there are lots of different styles too, so it can be a bit of a minefield when choosing.

I have just written my March column for the Journal magazine, and in it I talk about the best way to apply false lashes - once you have practised a few times, you will be well away!

False eyelashes don't have to look like you are in TOWIE or unnatural...infact, the very opposite.  If applied and chosen correctly, false eyelashes will make your eyes look amazing...as long as you have the correct make-up too!

Theres lots of tips and advice in my column so give it a read, if you are thinking of trying some false lashes! (see below for photo of my false eyelash drawer!)

Lots of bookings coming in now for this year and also for 2015 too..there are a lot of organised people out there!x

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