Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics...

I am always sent samples to try, whether it be skincare or make-up.  I was intrigued to try the Lily Lolo samples I was sent as the company is based right near me, in Hull...very refreshing to hear!

Vikki Khan of Lily Lolo explains,"Women are more demanding of their makeup today - we want more! We want it to be ethically-sourced, treat our skin well and give gorgeous, fresh-looking coverage. I had these demands myself, and not being able to find the perfect package I created a solution: Lily Lolo, an award winning mineral cosmetics range.   Fast forward a few years and mineral makeup is here to stay. In an era where we demand performance as well as natural ingredients, Lily Lolo makes the perfect choice. It has given customers, makeup artists, celebrities and beauty editors all over the world that 'Eureka!' moment - finally a skin-friendly, non-clogging, natural range that's easy to apply and perfects even the most troubled of complexions.  So it's no wonder our customers are as passionate about it as we are, and I'm always striving to develop the brand even more to fulfil the desires of these loyal devotees. But the basics will remain the same - made in the UK, source the finest natural ingredients, no animal testing (BUAV approved), steer clear of all the harmful and totally unnecessary chemical nasties found in a lot of cosmetics and most of all, affordable for every woman.  Named after my two sisters Lisa and Lorraine, Lily Lolo is a true family business built with love, respect and the latest in mineral makeup technology.  Welcome to our family! Effortless beauty...naturally."

I was impressed with the packaging and ethos of the brand.  It is aimed at women aged 25-40 years old.  I tried the mineral foundation SPF 15 in Buff, it was easy to apply with a little fluffy brush and really evened out my skintone and even covered up a few blemishes...I was very impressed!  I then tried the Pressed eyeshadow duo in Cappucino , the colour pay-off was good and easy to blend.  Throughout the day it did crease a little, however, a primer or cream eyeshadow may help prevent this.

I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this make-up range!

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