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Well, I haven't wrote in my blog for quite a while! things have been very hectic lately! So, since my last post I have been very busy with make-up trials and make-up lessons in my make-up studio.  I have updated my make-up kit recently by purchasing a new wonderful Mamba brush wrap from  The Emj company (, a pencil roll and also a gloss roll - let me tell you - these products have revolutionized my work by making things SO much easier! I know can see exactly where  my brush/product is without rummaging around, it certainly saves a lot of time and effort!

I have also been extremely busy with weddings too, and I have had the pleasure of working with some lovely, inspirational people.  Its always such an honour to share someone's wedding morning with them.  I also had the pleasure of working in Nottingham recently with 3 beautiful ladies, (Mum and 2 daughters.)  They wanted a day make-up workshop, so I designed it especially around them for their requirements and needs.  I showed them different looks, products and techniques too.  The 2 daughters have quite a following - check out their channels on Youtube - talkbeckytalk or twinklelashes  I then designed their looks for them on my face charts, (see photo above.)

I have also been busy writing my column for the Journal magazine, and please feel free to e-mail me over any make-up related questions you may have, that you would like me to answer for you.  I really enjoy writing my column.

People are coming from as far away as Essex now to have make-up trials with me, and they stayed at the beautiful Healing Manor.  They are getting married at the stunning Stubton Hall, near Newark, ( )Its a perk of the job to get to travel around the UK and see some beautiful locations for weddings.

I am also loving working with mature ladies for make-up lessons - its very satisfying to help someone who has lost confidence and once they have their make-up applied they are back in the game! To quote on lady recently, "I feel like skipping home after having my make-up done by you, I feel fantastic!"  You can see why I love my job so much, and its great to help and empower other women.

I have a lot of make-up trials and lessons coming up, and wedding season is in full swing, with bookings being taken for 2015 and 2016.  I also have some photo shoots lined up for various projects, so watch this space!

I had the pleasure of working with a photographer in London recently, and I created a doll-inspired make-up for the shoot.

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