NuBo White Diamond Ice-glow mask

I was kindly sent some samples from NuBo and was impressed with what I discovered about the brand (being described as "Pro-beauty high-tech skincare).
This particular product has had rave reviews by beauty editors, so I was intrigued to say the least.
The packaging is very expensive looking with the diamond encrusted lid, however, for £100 (!) this does need to look the business I feel!
I have very dry skin so using something moisturizing is a must.  The cream looked and felt creamy and smelt pleasant, but not too perfumed. First I steamed my face to ensure my pores were open.  I applied a thin layer over my face, but thicker on my neck, (avoiding my eye area - this would become apparent why...!)I left it on for 10 minutes and almost immediately it felt very cold with a numbing sensation, which was wierd but not unpleasant.  I had previously heard about the benefits of using this mask - "Release frown lines/wrinkles, plump the skin, refresh and revitalise, promote a glowing complexion and ease signs of tiredness."  After 10 minutes I rinsed it off with warm water.  The results were not amazing...however, I did feel pampered! and my skin was left soft, a little more plumped and radiant.  The cooling sensations did last for a while after too.  To be honest, I do feel £100 is very steep for a face mask, however, you do get a generous amount in the pot and used regularly, maybe once a week, you would begin to see the effects more.  I will continue to use it so watch this space! thanks for reading x

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