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I love writing, it enables me to talk about my make-up, (I can talk forever about this subject!).  So I am so grateful that Laura, (the Editor) allows me artistic license over my column.

In my August column I talk about one of the Summer catwalk trends - "Barefaced beauty."  How scary does that sound?! But why are we so insecure about our looks these days?

I have included some photos of my beautiful Mum.  One when she was younger and one taken on Mothers' day this year - she is still as glamorous now!  She has been my main inspiration in making the best of myself and indeed, other people.  I love being able to make someone look better...therefore, feel better.  I get such a buzz out of it.  There is nothing like someone looking in the mirror after I have applied their make-up, (after they have pulled themselves down!), to then look at themselves and say, "Oh wow...I look amazing! I feel fantastic!!"...I have had ladies hug me...cry even! (tears of joy obviously!)

Many ladies feel like this, and they are not on their own.  I can totally relate.  But make-up is such a powerful tool to a woman, and to learn how to apply it is a life skill.  Once you know what to use, with the correct products and tools you are well becomes an addiction almost, (a healthy one I feel.)

I have had ladies actually say they feel like skipping home, they feel so great after having their make-up applied.  I always recommend the use of false lashes, they have such bad press though.  I do find myself repeating myself all the time.  False lashes are there to enhance what you have, and if chosen wisely then they will enhance and define your eyes to perfection.  My Mum swears by them for a special occasion.

I guess we just have to do what feels right for us, whether we wear make-up or not.  As long as we feel good in ourselves, that is what it is all about isn't it?...


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